Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic sheet is also called PMMA sheet, Plexiglass sheet, it is one of the best materials to replace the glass. Because it offers advantages than glass (the difference between acrylic and glass), therefore, it is used widely for the indoor and outdoor sign, POP display case, acrylic shelves, acrylic dome, acrylic furniture, and food and beverage industry, etc.

With more than 15 years of experience, UVPLASTIC has grown to be a leading supplier of acrylic sheet in China and provides the integrated acrylic fabrication services including designing, cutting, bending, CNC milling, surface finishing, thermoforming, printing, gluing, and custom acrylic fabrication service, please see the following acrylic fabrication details.

1. Acrylic Designing

With the assistance of computer-aided design (CAD), UVPLASTIC engineers can work with clients to design the acrylic part at the beginning, it offers precise modeling, cost optimization, quality output. Our experienced engineers can find the best fabrication solution. 

2. Cutting Acrylic/PMMA Sheet

UVPLASTIC will use leaser and CNC cutting machines to cut acrylic sheets according to different requirements, which offers the working area of 100” x 60” and can cut and polish more than 1” thick PMMA sheet. They can cut acrylic sheet to complicated shapes with high accuracy, it is chip-free edges without secondary machining.

The high-tech cutting equipment helps UVPLASTIC to find a very economical way to meet the client’s needs. The 5-axis cutting machine can finish cutting length, width and height, exceptional accuracy and cutting edge mechanisms.

3. Bending Acrylic/PMMA Sheet

UVPLASTIC offers a hot bending method for acrylic sheets because cold bending is not suitable. The automatic heating bending equipment will offer the precise temperature setting and bend the PMMA sheet with the right angle and great surface. The bending length is up to 2.5m.

4. Surface Finishing

An acrylic product with an appropriate surface finishing will offer an eye-catching appearance, longer lifespan, and a specific function. The surface finishing methods that UVPLASTIC can provide are polishing, sanding, sandblasting.

Flame polishing is a good way to get the smooth and clear surface of the acrylic product. Sanding and sandblasting offer acrylic products with mysterious and privacy surface. Whatever surface type you want, UVPLASTIC always answers you with the right solution.

Want to know detail about polishing acrylic & sanding acrylic;

5. Thermoforming Acrylic/PMMA Sheet

Thermoforming is a great forming method for the complex-shaped and spherical acrylic products, including drape & oven forming, blow molding. They are great cost tooling, it also retains its surface features post-processing.

UVPLASTIC offers excellent thermoforming solutions, Max. Size is up to 5m x 2.5m

6. Acrylic Printing

UVPLASTIC can offer excellent acrylic printing services including silkscreen printing and digital printing.

7. Acrylic Gluing

There are a variety of glues, UVPLASTIC engineers can choose the right glue according to the application, size, environment, it offers excellent sealing property and wonderful surface. That will meed and exceed your expectations.

8. Custom Acrylic Fabrication

UVPLASTIC will offer you custom acrylic fabrication services from design to prototype building and quantity production. Today, we have provided more than 2000 acrylic products to global clients.

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