Leading Manufacturer of Polycarbonate Sheets In China

Brief Introduction For UVPLASTIC

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of Polycarbonate Sheets and Plexiglass/Acrylic Sheets in China, In the meantime, provides integrated machining services in the engineering plastic field. Since 2003, we provide machining service and OEM&ODM service to global clients only. With the business growing, we bought manufacturing facilities from Europe and built our own factory of polycarbonate sheets in 2005.

With continuous investment in high-end fabricating machinery and the development of new process technology, UVPLASTIC built the first subsidiary-UVACRYLIC, which aims to be the ONE-STOP Supplier of acrylic-based products. After many years of continuous effort, UVACRYLIC achieves great success in the acrylic field.

UVPLASTIC is keeping to developing new technologies and looking for the most suitable to meet the requirements of clients. Today, we are so honored to provide high-quality engineering plastic and suitable machining solution to more than 1200 clients from 40 countries, who are active in architecture & construction, agriculture, medical industry, auto industry, security industry, electronic industry, display industry, optical industry, and industrial fabrication, etc.

Tell Us Special Requirements for Polycarbonate Sheet

UVPLASTIC is Providing Polycarbonate Sheets with Custom Color and Thickness. Otherwise, We Provide Polycarbonate with Surface Enhancement by Coating Technologies, Such As Anti-fog, Non-glare, Anti-Static, Hard Coating Surface, etc.


17 Years

Leading Manufacturer

With more than 17 years of experience in the engineering plastics field, UVPLASTIC has grown to be a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China and provides ONE-STOP service to global clients.

52 Methods

Integrated machining solution

UVPLASTIC has more than 20 engineers with rich experience in machining engineering plastic. They know more about polycarbonate sheets and provide integrated machining solutions by more than 52 machining methods.

1200 Clients

trustworthy supplier

By supplying high-quality polycarbonate-based products and superior service. Today, UVPLASTIC is so honored to provide long-time service to more than 1200 clients in different industries all over the world.

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