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VIEWSKY® Hard Shell Roof Top Tent was designed by outdoor living enthusiasts and automotive engineers in 2020. At the very beginning, we wanted to design a Roof Top Tent, which is similar to the motorhome and should be afforded by most people, meantime, it is an all-season product and suitable for most SUV and Pickup trucks. UV-RTT-I is the first-generation Roof Top Tent, which was launched in 2021, it is suitable for limited cars, for example, Prado, Land Rover, Jeep Wrangler, Cadillac, and Pickup (Tundra, F150, Dodge, etc.). But it has become a very popular product in a short time.

Therefore, we decided to design the second-generation Roof Top Tent, which should be suitable for most SUV and Pickup. Finally, we launched it in July 2022, the model is UV-RTT-II. UV-RTT-II offers lighter weight, smaller size, and stronger, and is suitable for 95% SUV and Pickup trucks. Meantime, it offers more optional parts, including a Roof window, fascinating LED light, heater, air conditioner, side awning, roof rack, etc.

Comparing other similar products, VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent is 100% water-proof, electric-lifting, and luxurious. Today, more than 1450 clients are using VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent for wonderful outdoor living.

VIEWSKY® is a trademark belongs to UVPLASTIC, which is a famous brand of outdoor products including Polycarbonate Bubble Tent, Clear Kayak, Roof Top Tent, Mini-greenhouse, Aluminum Gazebos, etc. Now, we are providing more and more outdoor products with high cost-efficiency to global clients.

Know More About VIEWSKY® Hard Shell Roof Top Tent

Specification of Gen-2 Roof Top Tent

Product NameHard Shell Roof Top Tent
(88.6×51.2 inch)
168mm (6.61 inches);
With roof window, 278mm (10.94 inches);
With roof rack 250mm (9.84 inches);
Weight105 Kg
(231 lbs)
Lifting systemElectric, remote-control unit
Shell MaterialSandwich-like structure with thermal insulation material
InteriorHigh-quality Nappa leather
Others2 pcs doors, 4 pcs windows including 2 pcs gauze window, 1 pc mattress, 1 pc ladder, 1 pc Interior Light, 1 pc portable power bank.

Specification of Gen-3 Roof Top Tent

Product NameHard Shell Roof Top Tent
Size (Closing)2030x1350x196mm (80×53.15×7.71 inch)
Size (Opening)1900x1200x1200mm (74.8×47.24×47.24 inch)
Weight90 Kg
(198 lbs)
Lifting systemPneumatic, semi-automatic
Shell MaterialSandwich-like structure with thermal insulation material
InteriorHigh-quality Nappa leather

Optional Device

1Roof windowWith the roof window, the height will be 278mm
2Side awningWith the automatic winding device
3HeaterUsing diesel, including a tank
4Air conditionerDoesn’t include the power bank
5LED light1 meter (40 inches), 200W
6Roof rackAluminum, 2200x1300mm (86.6×51.2 inch)
7Solar energy panel-1200W; If you choose it, you can choose the roof window
8Solar energy panel-2300W; If you choose it, you CAN’T choose the roof window


Videos about VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent

How to use Roof Top Tent?

Roof Top Tent for Prado

Testing Rainproof Capability

Testing Electric Lifting System

Testing Stability When Driving on Bumpy Road

Testing Air Conditioner

Testing Noise of Roof Top Tent

Testing anti wind capability

Testing Waterproof Capability

Why Choose VIEWSKY® Hard-shell Roof Top Tent

car roof tent Luxury Interior

Luxury Interior

Like the motorhome, we used a high-quality mattress and Nappa leather for the Interior, it is really comfortable, and it is 100% waterproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter into roof tent from the roof window of the car, or enter from the back door by a telescopic ladder.

Firstly, a lifting device is needed to install a hard shell rooftop tent, because the weight is 105 Kg. It is hard to lift it by yourself. If you don’t have a lifting device, you can go to the Automobile repair shop near you.

UVPLASTIC provides three types of connectors between Roof Top Tent and roof rack, you need to choose the suitable one for your car.

There is an entrance on the bottom of the tent, which should be right position with the roof window of your car.

If you need more information, please send an email to [email protected]

Rooftop tent is a camping tent, which is fitted to the roof of a motor vehicle, like SUV, Pickup, etc, that allows users can sleep inside. VIEWSKY® Roof Tent is different from most roof tents, it is a really hard shell, and offers an electric lifting system. And you can install the AC and heater for a more comfortable sleeping space.

Yes, renting a rooftop tent is a really good idea to have wonderful camping.

Now, more than 1400 clients are using VIEWSKY® Roof Tents, some clients can rent it to you, please send an email to [email protected] to know one distributor/renter near you.

Most rooftop tent is 30 or 50 Kg, but VIEWSKY® Roof Tent is about 110 Kg because it uses a hardshell and electric lifting system, meantime, it is 100% waterproof and safe.

You can keep it on the roof of the car, it won’t affect safety, but it will make higher fuel consumption. If you don’t use it for a long time, you can load it in a wooden box.

You can buy VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent from a distributor near you. Or buy it from UVPLASTIC China. Send an inquiry to [email protected]

VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent is from 4200 USD to 8000 USD depending on optional parts.

UVPLASTIC provides a heater for the Roof Top Tent, it works for more than 36 hours with full diesel in the tank.

Yes, we offer AC (air conditioner) for VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent.

Yes, you can, because VIEWSKY® Roof Top Tent is 100% waterproof.


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