Top 7 Outdoor Camping Tips & Tricks (Pandemic-Friendly)

The unwritten rules of camping haven’t changed much in Covid times, although we will all need to make small adjustments and adapt to these new circumstances. Some things we would normally pack can now be used for different purposes, and some items you wouldn’t think of bringing to the campgrounds have now become commonplace.

Today we’ll walk you through 7 outdoor camping tips and tricks that you can use to make your experience safer and as entertaining and fun as ever, so let’s start from the top.

Camp with close friends and family

World’s experts agree that the main thing we should avoid is being in contact with too many people, and this applies to everyone wherever they may be. While having a college party with hundred-plus people near a lake would sound great a few years ago, this is precisely what you want to avoid today.

Keep your camping group small, and it would be preferable if you knew everyone on the list. The larger the group, the higher the risk of infection is.

The only reason why you should care about this even though everyone may appear to be in perfect health is that the virus takes a while to incubate. It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where a person infected by the Covid would brush off their symptoms as motion sickness caused by the long ride to the camping spot, too much alcohol, sunburn, or anything similar.

Come with pre-packed food

Although it’s great fun to prepare lunch over the campfire, it usually takes too much time, and the trend is slowly being replaced by bringing pre-packed food that was already prepared at home.

This way, you will avoid potential quarrels about the type of dish being prepared and the ingredients used to prepare it. Additionally, you will also reduce the risk of infection; sharing food and drinking from the same bottle is riskier than most types of interaction.

There are other benefits of having lunch prepared and ready in your bag. It makes hiking while camping more fun, as you’ll be able to simply pause and pump your body with more energy and nutrients beforehand instead of walking on an empty stomach while waiting for the food to be prepared.

Experts also warn that campfire smoke can also add to the risk of infection, as it can easily make people around cough and sneeze. Despite the fact that it’s one of the staples in the camping tradition, it may be smarter to go by without it this time around.

Consider VIEWSKY Glamping Tent from UVPLASTIC

UVPLASTIC’s bubble tent was designed way before the pandemic hit, and it’s actually more suited for camping in these times than anything. Its construction is comprised of polycarbonate see-through sheets that feature curtain holders for added privacy.

The exterior of VIEWSKY dome is completely transparent, allowing campers to see each other and converse normally regardless of the distance between them. Furthermore, this tent is supplied with a window made of aluminum and a ventilator.

UVPlastic’s VIEWSKY tent dome is an all-weather camping tent that can easily endure heavy rains, stormy weather, and snow. As you could’ve guessed by its name, UVPlastic’s dome features UV-coated layers that block ultraviolet rays, making it a solid option for summertime camping as well.

Space-wise, VIEWSKY is available in several variants, but even the smallest one can fit a bed and a compact toilet, to say the very least.

The installable air conditioner may cost a few extra bucks, but it makes a huge difference between being mildly more comfortable and getting to enjoy yourself in unprecedented comfort.

Its only drawback is its hefty price tag, although it’s well worth the money considering that it’s the ultimate camping solution during Pandemic times.

Avoid the most popular camping locations

Obviously, the main risk of infection is being surrounded by dozens of people you don’t know, and you can be sure you’ll find them if you opt for a place that’s normally crowded with campers.

Grassy sites near rivers are typically more popular than places deeper into the woods or atop hills and slopes. Using a bike will benefit you more than driving around, as you’ll be able to traverse wood thickets more easily and find a more suitable spot this way.

Bring first aid and medical-grade alcohol

Minor injuries are common when people drink and have fun, and you should be adequately prepared to help whomever needs it.

In addition to the usual patches and first aid sprays, you should also pack some Asepsol and similar disinfectants just in case. You may not be the first group of campers at the spot you’ve picked, and traces of the virus can stay for a couple of days under the right circumstances.

As a matter of precaution, clean your hands and urge your camping fellows to do the same whenever you make contact with anything other than the items you’ve brought with you (which should be clean in the first place).

Bring flashlights or headlamps

If you’ve decided to leave out the campfire, you won’t have any light source when the night comes. While solar stones are excellent for making the campgrounds a bit more visible, they’re not as versatile as flashlights. Portable sources of light can help you with a lot of different things on a camping trip, from being able to read at night to organizing search parties and fishing at nighttime.

Set rules for your camping party

The last tip is optional, as it may ruin the mood of some of the campers. Nevertheless, the best way to make sure everyone is safe and virus-free is to establish a set of rules for everyone involved in the trip; ideally, these rules should be followed even prior to the trip for best effects.

A good example would be the rule of not partying out for at least a week prior to the trip. If you’re all on the same page, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of your camping trip with peace of mind.

We hope that this brief guide was useful to you and that you’ve learned something new today about outdoor camping. Make sure you are staying safe in these times we are all going through and have a good one, guys!

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