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Anti-fog Polycarbonate Sheet Introduction

Anti-fog polycarbonate sheet is an optical grade polycarbonate, used for face masks, Snorkel masks, helmet visors. It is coated with anti-fog coating, which is high-quality hydrophilic material on both sides, therefore it offers excellent anti-fogging properties and excellent anti-scratch performance, and superior water films for optimum clarity under high humidity conditions, even water.

UVFPC-AF is the family code of UVPLASTIC anti-fog polycarbonate sheet, the thickness is from 0.125mm to 14mm. It is the right material for visual applications, such as the medical face shield, eye shield, safety face shield, ski goggles lens, racing goggles lens, UV face shield, sanitary mask, polycarbonate lenses, gear mask, and more. Otherwise, the anti-fog coating can be used for a multiwall polycarbonate sheet for greenhouse applications.

UVPLASTIC began to provide anti-fog polycarbonate sheets in 2010. By now, we have grown to be a leading supplier in China. What we can provide is not only standard anti-fog polycarbonate but also machining service according to clients’ requirements.

Anti-Fog Polycarbonate Specification

UVPLASTIC Products Range

UVFPC-AFTUsing thermocuring technology, this model offers excellent anti-fog function, but the surface hardness is the same as the original polycarbonate sheet;
UVFPC-AFLUsing light-curing Technology, this model offers excellent anti-fog function, meantime, surface hardness is raised by the anti-fog coating layer;

Standard model and Size

Anti fog polycarbonate sheetUVFPC-AFT/L-(Thickness)From 0.25mm to 0.5mm930mm, 1220mm1830, 2440mm
Anti fog polycarbonate sheetUVFPC-AFT/L-(Thickness)From 0.6mm to 1mm915mm, 930mm1830mm, 2440mm
Anti fog polycarbonate sheetUVFPC-AFT/L-(Thickness)From 1.5mm to 6mm1220mm2440mm
Anti fog polycarbonate sheetUVFPC-AFT/L-(Thickness)From 8mm to 14mm1220mm2440mm

Note: UVPLASTIC provides anti-fogging polycarbonate sheets with custom size, custom shape.

Physical Properties of anti-fog polycarbonate sheets

PropertyTesting MethodTesting conditionUnitValue
DensityD-792 g/cm31.2
Light TransmissionD-1003 %82 – 92
HazeD-1003 %<0.5
Fog Free times >22
Surface HardnessFrom HB to 1H
Long Term Service Temperature  °Cfrom -40 to +100
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionD-696 mm/m °C0.065
Thermal ConductivityC-177 W/m K0.21
Tensile Strength at YieldD-63810 mm/minMpa or N/mm²>65
Tensile Strength at BreakD-63810 mm/minMPa or N/mm²>60
Elongation at YieldD-63810 mm/min.%6
Elongation at BreakD-638 %>95
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityD-6381 mm/minMPa2350
Flexural StrengthD-7901.3 mm/min.MPa100
Flexural ModulusD-7901.3 mm/min.MPa2600
Impact Falling WeightISO 6603/1 E503mm sheetJ158


Default third-party testing organization is SGS;

Typic applications

Main Benefits

  • UVPLASTIC Anti Fog Polycarbonate sheet offers outstanding Abrasion;
  • Chemical & Impact Resistance;
  • Excellent anti-fogging properties and durable;
  • Great optical clarity and more visibility;
  • Competitive price and fast delivery;
  • Machining polycarbonate, service is available;
  • OEM & ODM services are available;

Coating service for polycarbonate sheet

For some applications, like snorkel mask, windshield, industrial clean room, face mask, etc, normal polycarbonate sheets can’t meet the requirements. Therefore, UVPLASTIC will coat the special layers on the one-side or two-side surface:

No.Coating ServiceDescription
1Anti-static/ESD CoatingThe surface resistance of polycarbonate from 10E5 to 10E8 Ohm, for industrial cleanroom, dust-free room.
2Hard CoatingIncrease the surface hardness for 2-6 levels than the general-purpose polycarbonate sheets.
3Non-glare CoatingMinimize glare and reflection with a matte finish, it creates a glare-free view from any angle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

UVPLASTIC provides two solutions for anti-fog polycarbonate sheets, as follows:

Solution 1: anti-fog and anti-scratch function together, this solution offers a great anti-fog layer with a good surface hardness;

Solution 2: good anti-fog coating layer, but the surface won’t be increased, this solution is right for applications where no touch, no scratch.

You can get an anti-fog polycarbonate sheet by coating on the surface of polycarbonate sheets, normally, it coats on both sides.

UVPLASTIC is a ONE-STOP supplier of polycarbonate sheets in all forms, meantime, we provide polycarbonate fabrication service. It means that you send a drawing, we can machine polycarbonate according to your drawing.

Yes, with more than 15 years of experience in the plastic field. UVPLASTIC can provide an integrated polycarbonate solution, our experienced engineers use Solidworks and CAD to design and work with global clients to find the best solution for their projects.

Just send us your .stp or .dwg documents, you will get a fast quotation and excellent prototype.

Click HERE to contact our engineer.

No, the lifespan of anti-fog coating layers is two or three years, it means that the anti-fog coating layers aren’t permanent. Here is our manufacturing process:

  • We manufacture the general polycarbonate sheet in a dust-free factory by using high-quality polycarbonate raw materials;
  • We will cut it to the standard size, such as 1.22×2.44m, and sell it to global clients;
  • We will coat the anti-fog layers on both surfaces of the general polycarbonate sheet;
  • We will fabricate it in a certain shape according to the clients drawing.

Yes, all UVPLASTIC anti-fog polycarbonate sheets have the anti-scratch function, the surface hardness is from HB to 1H.

Yes, we can provide it. UVPLASTIC anti-fog polycarbonate sheets are from 0.25mm to 14mm thickness.

In some applications, you can use anti-fog acrylic instead of anti-fog polycarbonate sheet in home decoration, such as windows, shower walls, etc. However, the anti-fog acrylic sheet will be a better choice, if you don’t have a high requirement for impact resistance, because acrylic sheet offers better surface hardness.

Yes, we can apply the anti-fog layer on different flat polycarbonate sheets. Otherwise, we also can apply it on the surface of multiwall polycarbonate.


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