Interesting Facts About Polycarbonate Plastic

Polycarbonate plastic is one of the most frequently used and excellent form of plastic. They’re a great choice if you need a strong and robust plastic material for any application.

Today we’ll see some of the most exciting facts about polycarbonate plastic. If you’re a new user or thinking of buying a polycarbonate sheet for the first time, you’ll find these facts very useful.

So without further delay, let’s jump into the real thing.

Fact #1

You already know polycarbonate is a very strong and robust material. But did you know how strong it is compared to glass or plexiglass sheets?

This plastic material is 30 times stronger than acrylic and over 180-200 times stronger than glass material.

Fact #2

Dr. Hermann Schnell is considered to be the inventor of Polycarbonate resin. He invented it back in 1953.

Fact #3

Although this one is superior in strength from other materials such as glass, it is significantly lighter. The material is lighter than glass or most plastics.

The lightweight nature makes it an even more excellent choice among buyers. And they’re easy to install as well.

Fact #4

The wide range of applications of PC plastic is genuinely impressive. From aerospace and bulletproof windows to sunglass lenses, they’re used everywhere.

They are mostly used for windows, roofing panels, the aerospace industry, automotive parts, bulletproof windows, riot shields, skylights, bubble tents, office chair mats, or other projects where you need transparent and strong plastic sheets.

Fact #5

Polycarbonate offers natural UV protection from the harmful UV rays, making it an even greater choice for the home roofing panel and greenhouses.

Fact #6

Polycarbonate was originally developed for astronauts to use on the outer visors. The plastic and gold layer protects astronauts from harmful rays and radiation.

Later because of the exceptionally well reputation and durability, PC sheets became a household item for many applications.

Fact #7

This robust material can be easily formed and shaped without the risk or breaking or chipping, despite its extreme strength.

Fact #8

Polycarbonate is a safe material with no toxic releasing or exposed to the flames. You can use them for any applications including items for infants or tiffin boxes.

Fact #9

This plastic is approved by the food and drug administration. People use them for food applications like food trays, bowls or spoons. Especially in hospitals, you’ll find the most use of them.

Fact #10

Most of the dome lights, skylights and sound walls you see in the buildings are made of polycarbonate plastic.

Fact #11

This is entirely fire-resistant material, and also prone to flames. Because of this, they’re commonly used for electrical components due to safety and security. Also, the transparency and lightweight nature of polycarbonate is another reason for this to be used in this application.

Fact #12

The reason why this plastic material is widely used for automotive car parts is not only because of its strength. The main reason is the lightweight nature of polycarbonate material.

Automotive manufacturers always look for lighter materials to increase the performance of their vehicles. And while polycarbonate is excellent because of the other features, it’s also lightweight, making it a perfect choice for manufacturers. They need non-glare polycarbonate, ESD polycarbonate.

Fact #13

Polycarbonate is surprisingly temperature and impact-resistant, making it an excellent choice for cold or storm-prone areas. It also offers excellent transparency, which is why they’re used in lenses and sunglasses.

Fact #14

Advertising companies are now using polycarbonate plastic for making signs and boards. It offers excellent performance as well as durability and visibility compared to traditional boards.

Fact #15

You can find polycarbonate plastic in CDs and DVDs as well.

Fact #16

Durability is one of the strongest suits of this material. Polycarbonate plastic can last from 10-20 years, making it an excellent choice for long term applications like domes, roof panels or skylights.

Fact #17

Although PVC plastic is often used as an alternative, mainly because of the low cost, it can’t offer the same performance level that a PC sheet can offer.

Fact #18

The melting point of this material is 110°C. The fun thing is, you can melt it and after cooling down, you can melt it again. And you won’t find any significant degradation in the material.

Fact #19

If your polycarbonate roofing panels or sunlight turns yellow after years of use, know that it has been exposed to high UV rays and protect you from it.

Fact #20

Despite the incredible strength and robust nature, the plastic is very flexible and can easily be molded and shaped into many things. It’s not like that you can only use them as a flat line or straight sheets. Maybe, you want to know the methods of machining polycarbonate.

Fact #21

Due to the significant temperature resistant ability, transparency, extreme strength, UV protection and light transmission ability, polycarbonate makes the perfect choice for a greenhouse.

This is the first choice for people in cold countries for greenhouses, especially in places where it’s colder than in other countries, like in Europe.

Fact #22

The plastic is microwave safe, meaning you can heat or reheat the food using a PC bowl or plate. Also, you can wash it in a dishwasher without any problem.

Fact #23

You can find multiple  PC plastic grades in the market, such as standard, hard-coated or anti-static grades, flame retardant etc. Make sure you’re choosing the right one based on your application and needs.

Fact #24

Both acrylic and polycarbonate look the same if you compare them. However, an easy way to differentiate is that you can find a slight bluish vibe on the PC plastic’s edge. While as acrylic edges will look clear as the rest of the sheet.

Fact #25

It is entirely safe for use as a water bottle or flask.

Fact #26

The great thing about this plastic is that it can be 100% recycled and made a new product with minimum to zero wastage. Make sure you’re sending it to recycle centres and not just throw it out of the way when you’re done with using it.

Fact #27

Polycarbonate plastic generally is cheaper than glass material. It is also effortless to handle and install.


Now that you know some amazing facts about this fantastic plastic, what’s your thought on this? Feel free to share your opinions or ask any questions in our chatbox. We’ll be available for your queries and suggestions.

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