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Polycarbonate Facade System is one of the most popular solutions for building curtain walls, it offers eye-catching visual effects, fantastic functionality, and Great durability. Polycarbonate facade sheet is much stronger than glass and offers excellent impact resistance, sound insulation, thermal insulation while letting in daylight, therefore, the polycarbonate facade system can help to save the air condition, heating, and light cost. It also creates an amazing effect when working with LED Light at night.

UVFA is the product code of the Polycarbonate Facade System, including Plug Pattern Polycarbonate Panel with water drain channel, Aluminum Fitting Parts, and Aluminum Frames. Plug Pattern Polycarbonate Panel offers flexible length, standard thickness & width. It offers various surfaces, such as bright surfaces, solar control, light diffusion, matt surface, etc.

With the UV coating layers on one or two sides, UVFA Polycarbonate Facade System has excellent durability for about 15 years. It is the best material for the hangar, building curtain walls, indoor partition, etc.

Specification of Polycarbonate Facade System

Technical Parameters of UVFA Polycarbonate Facade System

1Product NamePolycarbonate Facade System or Curtain WallsIncluding Plug Pattern Polycarbonate Panel, Strutting Part, and Outer Frames
3Thickness30mm, 40mm, 50mm
4Standard Width500mm
5Weight3.5 kg/sqm, 4.5 kg/sqm, 5.3 kg/sqm
6LengthCan be customized
7Light Transmittance
8U Value1.1 W/sqm*K
9Linear Thermal Expansion10^-5 /degree
10Working TemperatureFrom -50 to 120 degree
11Tensile Strength62 Mpa
12Elongation at break>80%


UVFA-FSE-SSeven-Layer connective ribs with small space, 40mm and 50mm in thickness;
UVFA-FSE-LSeven-Layer connective ribs with longer space, 40mm and 50mm in thickness;
UVFA-WSESeven-Layer connective ribs with W-type space, 30mm and 40mm in thickness;

Co-extruded Layer Range

UVFA-U1Standard Polycarbonate Facade Panel With Co-extruded UV Layer On One Side
UVFA-SOSolar Control Polycarbonate Facade

Colors Range for uVFA Polycarbonate Facade System

UVFA-1Transparent with bright effect
UVFA-2Milky white with diffuser
UVFA-4Pale blue or sky blue
UVFA-5Brilliant blue
Please contact local distributor or sales manager for sample to confirm color.


UL Flammability Standard Released By Underwriters Laboratories

UVFA Polycarbonate Facade meets the V-0/UL94 and ClassA/B of ASTM E84

Restriction Of Hazardous Substances

UVPLASTIC offers environmentally-friendly polycarbonate sheets and meets RoHS and REACH

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Main Benefits

  • 250 times stronger than normal glass, virtually unbreakable;
  • Low thermal energy transfer with the insulation air space;
  • The co-extruded UV coating layer can block 99.9% of ultraviolet rays;
  • Standard thickness and width, and the custom length;
  • The solar control function blocks the infrared heat and controls the temperature in the building;
  • Withstands most extreme hot and cold climates between -40°C to 120 °C;
  • With the water drain channel;
  • Lighter weight and easy to install and high fire performance rating;
  • Light Diffusion function is optional;
  • Eye-catching visual effects with LED light;

For a Fast Quotation, You Need to Tell Us Following Information

Application of polycarbonate facade


We need to know your application and the detailed project for the integrated solution of the facade system proposal.

Length of polycarbonate facade sheet


UVFA Polycarbonate facade panel offers standard widths, the length is flexible, you need to tell us the length for an accurate quote.

UV Coating Polycarbonate Facade panel

Coating Requirement

The standard coating layer is one-side UV coating layer, but we provide a custom coating layer, such as UV coating on both layers, solar control coating layer.

Quantity of polycarbonate facade panel


UVFA polycarbonate roofing sheet has MOQ requirement, you need to indicate the quantity, then we will submit the competitive offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard thickness is 40mm, the standard width is 500mm, the length is flexible, but we suggest the length will be less than 12m, it will be convenient to ship.

Yes, the standard polycarbonate facade is coated with the UV coating layer on one side. It protects the polycarbonate facade system from yellowing over time.

You also can require us to coat the UV layer on both sides, or coat anti-fog layer on one side and UV layer on another side.

It could be possible. But we need to manufacture a new machine, it is expensive, therefore, try to best to use the standard products, it is most cost-effective.

Yes, we will provide accessories according to clients’ requirements.

accessories of polycarbonate facade system

The weight is 4.8kg per square meter.

There are some similarities between Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet and Polycarbonate Facade Panel, such as they are hollow type polycarbonate sheets and can be used for building a curtain wall. But you need to buy some accessories when using a multiwall sheet, but UVFA Polycarbonate Facade Panels are an integrated facade system.

UVFA polycarbonate facade system is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic, which is purchased from Sabic or Bayer company. Acrylic sheet can’t be used for polycarbonate facade, because it is not stronger than polycarbonate.


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