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How to clean a clear kayak

If you’re a kayak fan, you already know how cool it is to ride a clear or transparent kayak. Especially if the water is crystal clear, there’s nothing that can beat this experience!

But as we all know, with great products, comes great maintenance.

Don’t be afraid, the responsibility is not too savvy or hard to do, these kayaks only need a bit more specialized care from you and that’s it! You get to be the coolest creature on the water!

Sounds fun? Good! Let’s see what I’m talking about here.

Like every other kayak out there, a clear kayak needs a wash now and then. The only difference is you need to be a little bit more careful when cleaning them.


Clear kayaks are made of polycarbonate sheets, which is different from plexiglass sheets, therefore, you need to do so that you don’t scratch the hull when washing or cleaning them.

The procedure is slightly different from a traditional kayak but not necessarily hard to do.

So the question is, How do you clean a clean or transparent kayak in a way that you don’t leave any scratch marks?

In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to wash or clean a transparent kayak.

Things you will need:

  • A clean and flat area;
  • Running water;
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Mild soap;
  • Warm water;

Cleaning a transparent kayak

First Step

First, you need to find a flat and clear surface to work on. You have a clean and grassy lawn that works just fine.

Second Step

Get a garden hose and wash off the surface-level dirt from the kayak. If you don’t wash them off first, you may scratch the hull severely.

Third Step

You need to soak the soft cloth into the soapy water or the mild detergent you’re using for this kayak. This is crucial because you don’t use any harsh cleaner or any chemicals containing ammonia. This can severely damage your kayak.

Fourth Step

Rub the soft piece of cloth in the same direction over the hull while it’s still wet. Don’t rub any cloth or sponge if the kayak is dry. This can leave some scratch marks. Also, ensure that you’re not moving the sponge or cloth in multiple directions.

Fifth Step

Turn your kayak over and do the same in the bottom part as well.

Sixth Step

Don’t let the kayak dry because this can leave water drop marks. We recommend you wipe off the water with a soft cotton cloth.

So this is how you can clean a clear or transparent kayak the right way. The process of cleaning is almost the same as a regular kayak. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to take a little extra care with this type of kayak. The reason being they are more vulnerable to scratches.

Now that we know the best way to clean and wash a transparent kayak. Let’s see how to maintain them properly.

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Clear kayak Maintenance Tips

Tip #1: Most of the kayaks come with a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines. As they are made from different materials by different manufacturers, You should always strictly follow their instructions for maintenance.

Especially if you’re purchasing from UVPLASTIC, we provide clear and concise guidance on maintaining your kayak for a more extended period and having the most out of it.

Tip #2: Most of the damage happens while storing the kayak. You have to be extra careful about storing your kayak when storing it for a longer period.

Tip #3: Never use any cleaners that have ammonia in them or any harsh chemicals. Use cleaners specifically for polycarbonate sheets or use mild soaps.

Tip #4: Use a kayak cart for moving it. Especially if you’re using a clear kayak cart, dragging isn’t an option. This will leave some unremovable scratches on the hull or even make some holes in the bottom.

Tip #5: It doesn’t need to be shiny all the time, but cleaning your ride regularly can make a massive difference in your kayak’s lifespan and look.

How to store your kayak for the offseason

Storing is huge. Lots of people can clean their ride appropriately but fail in storing. When you’re storing it for a long time, make sure you’ve cleaned it thoroughly.

Cover it in a way that your pets or other animals, insects cannot scratch or harm your kayak.

Ensure the sunlight does not reach the kayak directly while it’s being stored for a more extended period.


This is the fundamental and mandatory knowledge and tips you’ll need for cleaning, maintaining, and storing your kayak, especially if you’re planning on buying one.

And by the way, if you’re planning on exploring the water beneath you while riding a smooth kayak, give us a knock and we’ll guide you along the way on choosing the best transparent kayak that will have a longer lifespan and will satisfy your inner needs.

With more than 15 years of experience in polycarbonate and plexiglass sheet. Today, UVPLASTIC provides machining polycarbonate service and grow up to be a leading manufacturer of glamping domes in China.

If you are looking for a supplier or factory for OEM/ODM clear kayak, please contact UVPLASTIC.

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