Glass Mirror vs. Acrylic Mirror

It doesn’t matter if you live in a gigantic mansion or a hut, even in a cave, chances are you own at least one mirror in your home.

If I ask you, what do you do the first thing when you wake up in the morning? Or what do you do just before leaving your home?

The answer would be pretty much the same: MIRROR!

But you can’t just use a piece of glass for eternity, right? Mirror glasses need to be changed often.

And when you do change them, especially when you have kids, choosing the right mirror is a severe concern.

Children often break mirror glasses and cut themselves, and sometimes we adults can fall into this with just one mistake.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to an ultimate alternative to glass mirrors. With this, you can get all the beautiful things about mirrors, but… Without the hurdle!

Sounds good?

Let’s dive right in!

For the longest time, we’ve been using the same old glass materials for our mirrors. But now, thanks to technology, we’ve got a better option.

And that is Acrylic Mirror.

You might’ve already noticed; acrylic is quickly overtaking glass mirrors. Especially in commercial places or buildings, it’s hard nowadays to find a mirror that is made out of glass.

Why are people avoiding glass more and more and why they’re shifting to the alternative?

Well, let’s find out!

Acrylic Mirrors


Acrylic mirrors are made of extruded acrylic sheets, which are half-weight than glass, making them a favorite for DIY, construction, or any projects. As they are easy to handle and install, people tend to love them more. Here, maybe you want to know more about the acrylic sheet.

Especially when you’re living high up in an apartment building, you’ll understand the difference.

Impact Resistant

One of the most significant reasons these mirrors are trendy is their impact-resistant, which is 20 times stronger than glass. In no way, acrylics shatter into pieces as glasses do.


Acrylic mirrors are solid materials that can withstand high impacts and still don’t crack or shatter.

Every day lots and lots of people, especially kids, fall into accidents in their bathrooms because of broken glasses. This is the primary reason why acrylics are taking over traditional mirrors rapidly.

Click HERE to know more differences between glass and plexiglass sheets.

Longer Lifespan

The lifespan of these mirrors is way higher than glass mirrors. If you’re concerned about durability or long-term value, acrylic is the right choice for you.

Easy to clean

Another excellent quality of the acrylic mirror is that these mirrors are extremely easy to clean and wash.

Public places like shopping centers, gyms, stadiums where a lot of people appear and there’s a high risk of getting an impact from the public; glass mirrors are never an option.

The gyms or dance centers usually rely on safer alternatives to glass. Because their mirrors often meet with impacts and hits from time to time.

And if they shatter into pieces every time they meet an impact, accidents would occur every day.

UV Resistant

The UV-resistant nature of acrylic makes it even more attractive for buyers.


Acrylic mirrors are rapidly taking over the mirror market.


They are easier to cut, drill, glue, or even bend! Yes, that’s right! You can also curve these mirrors, which isn’t an option with the glass.

You probably have seen some of the mirrors in shopping malls where the mirrors are in unique shapes or bent?

Now, you know better.


When it comes to efficiency, acrylic wins by large. They are easy to cut, fit and install.

The exciting part is you don’t need to take extra precautions when installing them. Unlike glasses, they’re not likely to shatter into pieces pretty quickly.

Want to know more information about the advantage of acrylic mirrors.

Glass Mirrors

Decorating Purposes

People who buy mirrors for decorating purposes tend to rely on glass materials.


The glass might shatter easily, but it doesn’t get distorted by impacts.

Outdoor use

These mirrors don’t absorb moisture when used outdoors.

Glass mirror
Glass mirror VS plexiglass mirror

Which one should you choose?

Now that you have a better understanding of what each of these products brings to the table let’s dive into what is better for your next project.

The glass mirror has its own merits. But when we compare both these materials side by side, we can see the difference.

For Commercial Projects

Some acrylic materials might cost you a little bit more compared to glass. When you compare the lifespan and durability of both these products, you can quickly see how you can save a lot more money by choosing acrylic over the glass.

Especially if you’re installing mirrors in commercial or public places, you need to think about which option would be much safer and cost-effective for your site.

Before purchasing any glass materials for commercial spaces like gyms, shopping malls, or even dance floors, you might want to see what other people are using in their places. And compare both the short-term and long-term value, both of these products have to offer.

If you’re planning on installing on workplaces or office spaces, you might want to get a material that is UV resistant and offers a safer environment for the people.

If time is a concern, or you want your mirrors to be curved or bent, you already know which ones are fit for you.

For Residential Uses

If you’re a Do-It-Yourselfer, you’re going to love working with an acrylic mirror. You’ll fall in love with these materials and be amazed by the flexibility and creativity it has to offer.

If you have kids at your home or are concerned about your safety, especially in bathrooms or in your house, acrylic would be a safer option for you.

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Now that you know more than most people about the two most popular alternatives on the market. I want to ask you one question.

That is…

What mirrors you’re going to buy for your next project?

UVPLASTIC is a global company in the engineering plastic field, ACRYLIC is a subsidiary, which is focusing on acrylic sheets. If you are looking for a supplier of acrylic mirrors, feel free to contact us.

Do let us know. We’d Love to hear from you!

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