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Best Plastic Office Chair Mat for Carpet

Made of polycarbonate Plastic Material, the best protector of your Carpet and hardwood floor

Office Chair Mat is a cost-efficient way to protect expensive carpets, wooden or tiled floors from the damage caused by chair casters at home or office areas. It can effectively protect the surface of hardwood floors and expensive carpets and reduce the scratches when your furniture and computer chair are moving on the floor. The matte surface can increase the frictional force and avoid slipping.

Compared with PVC Chair Mat, polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable and always keeps flat and smooth even under high temperatures. Otherwise, it offers excellent scratch resistance and a longer lifespan outdoors. UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer and OEM Factory of office chair mats and is providing standard shapes, including round, rectangle, L-Type, and custom shapes, custom size. Today, we are providing high-quality chair mats to more than 500 clients from 40 countries.

Standard Office Chair Mat Specification

Office Chair Mat Range

Products NameModelThickness RangeOne Polished Surface, One Frosted SurfaceRemark
Rectangle Chair MatUVPCM-R2mm, Custom ThicknessBuy It Online
Square Chair MatUVPCM-S2mm, Custom ThicknessBuy It Online
Circle Chair MatUVPCM-C2mm, Custom ThicknessBuy It Online
L Type Chair MatUVPCM-L2mm, Custom ThicknessBuy It Online

Rectangle Office Chair Mat

Rectangle Office Chair Mat
UVPCM-R-MPolished / Frosted7626092mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-R-LPolished / Frosted12197622mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-R-XLPolished / Frosted12199142mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-R-XXLPolished / Frosted12709652mm, Custom Thickness

Square Office Chair Mat

Square Polycarbonate Chair Mat
UVPCM-S-MPolished / Frosted7622mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-S-LPolished / Frosted8892mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-S-XLPolished / Frosted9652mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-S-XXLPolished / Frosted10662mm, Custom Thickness

Round Office Chair Mat

Circle Polycarbonate Chair Mat
UVPCM-C-MPolished / Frosted7622mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-C-LPolished / Frosted8892mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-C-XLPolished / Frosted9652mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-C-XXLPolished / Frosted10662mm, Custom Thickness

L-Type Office Chair Mat

L-type Polycarbonate Chair Mat
UVPCM-C-MPolished / Frosted4322167877872mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-C-LPolished / Frosted4832418648642mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-C-XLPolished / Frosted4832419659652mm, Custom Thickness
UVPCM-C-XXLPolished / Frosted483241106710672mm, Custom Thickness

Main Benefit

  • Always keep flat and easy to clean;
  • Excellent Impact Resistance, polycarbonate chair mat is stronger than PVC mat, it is virtually unbreakable;
  • Flame Retardant, polycarbonate offers excellent flame resistance, the normal fire rating is V2/UL94, up to V0/UL94 and ASTM E84;
  • Environment-Friend, polycarbonate is totally nontoxic material, it keeps a healthy indoor environment all the time;
  • Anti-slip Office Chair Mat, the frosted surface can increase the frictional force and avoid slipping. Meantime it can block the scratches caused by chair casters;
  • Competitive Price, UVPLASTIC is the manufacturer of polycarbonate sheet and has own factory in China, therefore, we can keep the most competitive cost to meet your budget;
  • Longer lifespan, polycarbonate is a durable material, the lifespan is from 10 years to 20 years;
  • OEM & ODM service, if you are a distributor or online seller, UVPLASTIC is your best partner, because we provide the office chair mats with custom sizes and shapes;
  • Custom Color: UVPLASTIC provides you a transparent and colored plastic chair mat;
  • Humanized Design, UVPLASTIC Office Chair Mat is designed into different sizes and sharps, meantime, provides custom chair mat;

Frequently Asked Question

UVPLASTIC Office Chair Mat is made of 100% high-quality flat polycarbonate sheet with polished surfaces or one polished surface and one frosted surface, which is stronger than PVC. It offers more outstanding flame resistance and a longer lifespan.

Yes, UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of office chair mats in China, we provide OEM service and design it according to clients’ requirements.

Yes. but as everybody knows that the logistic cost will be better when buying more quantity. Therefore, we have a requirement for MOQ, it is one package (including 10 pcs) at least.

Of course, polycarbonate chair mats are better than PVC chair mats.

  • Polycarbonate office chair mats are more environmentally friendly than PVC, polycarbonate is odorless and phthalate-free and takes less energy to produce;
  • Polycarbonate office chair mat doesn’t flex or dimple like traditional PVC, therefore, it can allow the chair roll to move easily;
  • Polycarbonate chair mat offers a flat and smooth surface, it is impact resistant and scratch resistant, it is about 2 times stronger than PVC chair mat;
  • Polycarbonate chair mats are recommended to be used on a hard surface and lower pile carpet;
  • Polycarbonate chair mats offer better clarity than PVC, although PVC mats are translucent and you can see the floor through PVC mat. But polycarbonate floor mats are closer to being transparent and thus appear more seamless with the existing floor;

In summary, polycarbonate chair mats are a clear, rigid, and environment-friendly, it is the best plastic to alternate the traditional PVC chair mats and offer several benefits over PVC.

UVPLASTIC can provide the plastic chair mat with all forms including round, square, rectangle, L-type, and custom shape. You can choose the right shape according to the application site.

But how do choose the right thickness of plastic chair mat?

Normally, you can choose 1.5mm thickness office chair mat for hardwood floor, choose 1.9mm or 2mm thickness chair mat for thin carpet, choose 2.2mm thickness for thick carpet.

It is hard to make a PVC chair mat to lay flat, but if you use UVPLASTIC office chair mat with polycarbonate plastic, you won’t have this problem, because polycarbonate chair mat offers rigid, it keeps flat always. Otherwise, polycarbonate is the most environment-friendly plastic sheet.

Yes, an office chair mat is the best protector of carpet, office floor, hardwood floor. UVPLASTIC office floor mat offers a rigid surface with excellent scratch resistance.

Absolutely impossible.

A heavier chair mat will break the carpet and damage the carpet, the UVPLASTIC chair mat is about 1.5 Kg, it is the best chair mat for a heavy person.

You don’t need to cut a chair mat, because UVPLASTIC provides you the chair mats with standard and custom shapes according to your requirement. Know more about cutting polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate plastic is a durable material, the surface can be polished and frosted. Normally, the lifespan is more than 10 years, but if you use it outdoor, please mention it when ordering.

  • Use a small brush to clean the dust on both sides;
  • Mix warm water with mild soap;
  • Using a soft cloth to wash both sides of the chair mat;

The main materials of chair mats are PVC, polycarbonate plastic, bamboo, wood, and sisal. But polycarbonate is the best material for chair mats, which is durable plastic used with all chairs. It can withstand curling and cracking. The lifespan will be more than 10 years.

No, you can’t use plexiglass sheets for a Chair mat, because plexiglass is easy to broken. Maybe you can’t distinguish them, know the detailed difference Acrylic sheet vs polycarbonate sheet, and How To Identify Polycarbonate From Acrylic.

Polycarbonate chair mat is stronger than PVC chair mat, and it always keeps flat when using. But PVC chair mat will crimp. But PVC is a little cheap than polycarbonate. This blog will indicate the detail about the difference between PVC Chair Mat and Polycarbonate Chair mat.


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