Best Polycarbonate Sheet You Could Find In China

Polycarbonate sheet is one of the most popular engineering plastics, which is virtually unbreakable and more than 250 times stronger than glass, but only half weight. It offers optical clarity, great fireproof performance, and processability. Therefore, it is the ideal material to replace glass, acrylic, and tempered glass in wide applications. With the co-extruded UV layer on one or both sides, the polycarbonate sheet offers outstanding weatherability, it can keep clear for more than 10 years.

Polycarbonate sheets can be coated on one or both sides for the surface enhancements for some specific applications, for example, anti-static sheets, and non-glare sheets. And also polycarbonate sheets can be manufactured for different structures, such as multi-layer, corrugated, and plug-in types for architecture.

Providing Polycarbonate Sheets In All Forms

Since 1995, UVPLASTIC has been involved in the polycarbonate field as the provider of machining polycarbonate services in China. In 2003, we build our own factory to manufacture the high-quality polycarbonate sheet in Suzhou, China. With continuous investment in manufacturing facilities and technology, we have grown to be a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China.

More than 17 years of experience and cooperation with the top suppliers of polycarbonate raw materials, including Covestro/Bayer, Sabic, Mitsubishi, and Teijin. UVPLASTIC manufactures high-quality polycarbonate sheets in all forms, including Flat Polycarbonate sheets, Multiwall Polycarbonate sheets, Thin Polycarbonate Sheets (Polycarbonate Film), Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet, Polycarbonate Roofing Panel, Embossed Polycarbonate Sheet, and Polycarbonate Facade.

Meantime, UVPLASTIC provides polycarbonate sheets with a certain function by coating, such as anti-fog polycarbonate, anti-scratch polycarbonate, polycarbonate diffuser, fireproof polycarbonate, anti-static polycarbonate, etc.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of polycarbonate plastic, we know more about polycarbonate sheets, machining polycarbonate, and trade rules between countries. Therefore, we are your best supplier of polycarbonate sheets in China. Today, we are so honored to cooperate with more than 2000 clients all over the world.

Specification Of Polycarbonate Sheet

UVPLASTIC polycarbonate sheets range

NoProduct NameModelThickness RangeMax. WidthCoating Option
1Flat PolycarbonateUVFPCFrom 1mm to 20mm2650mmUV Layer, Anti Fog layer, ESD/anti-static coating, scratch-proof coating, No-glare coating
2Polycarbonate blockUVBPCFrom 20mm to 500mm1220mm
3Multiwall PolycarbonateUVMPCFrom 4mm to 50mm2100mmExtruded UV Layer, Anti Fog Layer
4Polycarbonate Film
(thin polycarbonate sheet)
UVTPCFrom 0.125mm to 1mm1220mmExtruded UV Layer, Anti Fog Layer
5Infrared Transmitting PolycarbonateUVPC-IRTFrom 0.5mm to 3mm510mmAnti-glare Coating, Anti-Fingerprint Coating
6Corrugated PolycarbonateUVCPCFrom 0.8mm to 2mm1220mmExtruded UV Layer
7Polycarbonate Roof PanelUVRPCFrom 6mm to 50mm1040mmExtruded UV Layer, Anti Fog Layer
8Polycarbonate FacadeUVFA30mm, 40mm, 50mm500mmExtruded UV Layer, Anti Fog Layer, Different Color-Layers
9Polycarbonate RodUVPC-RODiameter from 6mm to 300mmStandard Length is 1000mm, 2000mm
10Polycarbonate TubeUVPC-OD-IDDiameter from 5mm to 400mmStandard Length is 1000mm, 2000mm
  • Contact us for custom polycarbonate sheets;
  • We can cut polycarbonate sheets to size;
  • Machining service is available;

Available colors of tinted polycarbonate sheet

TypeColor DescriptionSurface
TransparentClear, Bronze, Red, Blue, Green, Solar Grey, LighterBlue, Lighter GreenSmooth, Frosted, Textured
TranslucentWhite Opal, White Diffuser, Yellow, Red, Mint Green, White OpalSmooth, Frosted, Textured
OpaqueBlack, Yellow, Dark Blue, Cream, Dark Grey, Dark BrownSmooth, Frosted, Textured

UVPLASTIC can provide custom colors upon clients’ request, subject to a minimum order.

Coating service for polycarbonate sheet

For some applications, like snorkel masks, windshields, industrial clean rooms, face masks, etc, normal polycarbonate sheets can’t meet the requirements. Therefore, UVPLASTIC will coat the special layers on the one-side or two-side surface:

No.Coating ServiceDescription
1Anti-static/ESD CoatingThe surface resistance of polycarbonate from 10E5 to 10E8 Ohm, for industrial cleanroom, dust-free room.
2Anti-fog CoatingOffers excellent anti-fogging properties and excellent anti-scratch performance.
3Scratch-resistant coatingIncrease the surface hardness for 2-6 levels than the general-purpose polycarbonate sheets.
4Non-glare CoatingMinimize glare and reflection with a matte finish, it creates a glare-free view from any angle.

Physical Properties of polycarbonate sheets

For high-quality polycarbonate plastic sheets, UVPLASTIC always uses raw material from Sabic, Covestro/Bayer, here are the physical properties of Polycarbonate plastic.

PropertyTest MethodTesting ConditionUnitValue
DensityD-792 g/cm31.2
Heat Deflection TemperatureD-648Load: 1.82 MP°C135
Short Time Service Temperature  °Cfrom -50 to +130
Long Time Service Temperature  °Cfrom -40 to +100
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionD-696 mm/m °C0.065
Thermal ConductivityC-177 W/m K0.21
Tensile Strength at YieldD-63810 mm/minMpa or N/mm²>65
Tensile Strength at BreakD-63810 mm/minMPa or N/mm²>60
Elongation at YieldD-63810 mm/min.%6
Elongation at BreakD-638 %>95
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityD-6381 mm/minMPa2350
Flexural StrengthD-7901.3 mm/min.MPa100
Flexural ModulusD-7901.3 mm/min.MPa2600
Impact Falling WeightISO 6603/1 E503mm sheetJ158
Light TransmissionD-1003 %82 – 92
HazeD-1003 %<0.5
Flammability rateUL 94  V-2 or V-0

The default third-party testing organization is SGS;

Typical applications

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Main Benefits of UVPLASTIC Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Polycarbonate sheets are 250 times stronger than glass, but half weight, virtually unbreakable, the right material for riot shield and safety glazing or vandalism protection;
  • Glass-like and up to 90% light transmission;
  • Wide thickness range from 0.125mm to 100mm;
  • We can cut polycarbonate to size according to the client’s requirements;
  • With wide options in colors and surface types, easy to make an eye-catching appearance;
  • Co-extruded UV protective layers on one or two sides for improved durability;
  • Excellent flame retardation, meeting V0/U94;
  • Great anti-fog coating technology, always optically clear even under high humidity conditions;
  • Easy to fabricate, flexible, formable and machinable, cold/hot bend, thermoform to shapes;
  • The right material for the LED light diffuser can be thermoformed and coated with the ESD layer;
  • ESD coating layer is for anti-static polycarbonate;
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate is lightweight but strong;
  • Wonderful ink adhesion and print quality;
  • Withstands most extreme hot and cold climates between -40°C to 120 °C;
  • With a scratch-resistant coating, the pencil hardness of the surface is up to 4H;
  • The thickness is up to 40mm, width is up to 2.65m;
  • Integrated machining polycarbonate service is available;
UL and RoHS for polycarbonate sheet

Certificates Of Polycarbonate Sheet

UVPLASTIC Polycarbonate sheets meet the V-2 or V-0, fire rating according to UL94;

UVPLASTIC offers environmentally-friendly polycarbonate sheets and meets RoHS and REACH requirements.

Machining Polycarbonate Sheet

UVPLASTIC is a leading supplier of polycarbonate sheets and a provider of machining polycarbonate services.

With the sustained investment in manufacturing facilities, including cutting equipment, five-axis CNC machinery, thermoforming equipment, and printing equipment. Today, UVPLASTIC provides Integrated processing solutions including cutting to size, bending, CNC machining, finishing edge, injection, polishing surface, thermoforming, and printing. The machining precision is ±0.01mm.

Why Do You Choose UVPLASTIC?

Supplier of Polycarbonate

One-Stop Supplier

UVPLASTIC provides polycarbonate sheets in all forms and thicknesses from 0.125mm to 50mm, so you can find all polycarbonate here.

Buy Polycarbonate Raw Material

Top Material Suppliers

UVPLASTIC uses virgin materials from top suppliers, such as Sabic (GE), Covestro (Bayer), Mitsubishi, and Teijin, for the best quality.

Machining Polycarbonate

Machining Services

UVPLASTIC engineer will find the balance between cost and performance by providing an integrated machining solution.

Happy Clients of UVPLASTIC

Over 2000 Happy Clients

With more than 25 years of experience, UVPLASTIC provides high-quality polycarbonate-based products to global clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, UVPLASTIC all polycarbonate sheets can be cold bent onsite during installation, but there is a requirement for the curve radius, please see the following table:

NoProduct NameModelMin. Curve Radius
1Flat Solid PolycarbonateUVFPC150 times more than the thickness
2Multiwall PolycarbonateUVMPC200 times more than the thickness
3Polycarbonate Film
(thin polycarbonate sheet)
UVTPCNo requirement
4Corrugated PolycarbonateUVCPC200 times more than the thickness

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets in China, we provide competitive products to global clients. But it isn’t suitable to buy from us, if you buy a small quantity (less than 8 sheets), because the price adding the logistic costs won’t be competitive. Therefore, we suggest you buy UVPLASTIC™ polycarbonate sheet and PMMA Sheet from a local distributor and wholesaler near you.

It will be great, if you buy more quantity, or you want to be our distributor near your city. For more detail about our distributor policy, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Yes, UVPLASTIC is a leading supplier of polycarbonate sheets in China and a leading provider of OEM & ODM services in the plastic field. We have provided thousands of OEM service projects including riot shield, plastic chair mat, polycarbonate skylight dome, plastic bubble tent, polycarbonate windshield, medical face shield, Helmet visor, lamp cover, clear kayak, motorcycle helmet visor, polycarbonate shield, etc.

Contact UVPLASTIC polycarbonate engineer for the integrated machining polycarbonate and fast quotation.

Yes, UVPLASTIC provides tinted polycarbonate sheets with custom colors subject to MOQ.

The extruded UV protective layer will be needed, if the polycarbonate sheet is used outdoor, or it will turn yellow. But different manufacturers will offer UV protective layers with different thicknesses and different concentrations, therefore, the unqualified polycarbonate sheet will turn yellow in a short time. As a leading manufacturer and ONE-STOP supplier of polycarbonate and acrylic sheets, UVPLASTIC puts quality as the first consideration. UVFPC-SO-U1/U1A/U2 offers 10 years of warranty. Contact our engineer, if you need 15 years of warranty or any special requirement.

Polycarbonate is used widely for canopies, roofing panels, and windows due to its strength and safe nature. It’s also used in building greenhouses because of its UV-resistant ability.

PC plastics are also used in electrical and automotive parts. The transparent and heat resistant ability makes it suitable for numerous applications in these industries.

Want to know more details about the applications of polycarbonate sheets.

It will depend on the quantity.

If you order our polycarbonate sheet regularly, for example, 50 tons for one month, it will be ok to add your LOGO, but the protective will be costable.

Otherwise, we can use general PE film without any LOGO, and you can stick your LOGO on it.

Yes, a solid polycarbonate sheet with more than 15mm thickness is bulletproof.

Of course, the prices are the same between clear and colored polycarbonate sheets.

Maybe some companies or distributors tell you that colored polycarbonate is more expensive than a clear one. It is totally wrong, they hope you pay more to them. Otherwise, in all probability, their products are made of recycled raw materials.

Anyway, you need to be are careful!

The LT (light transmission) is relative to the thickness, type, and color. Normally, a clear flat solid polycarbonate sheet has a high light transmission. LT will be more than 90%, if the thickness is less than 1mm, the color is clear.

Yes. Polycarbonate sheets can be easily drilled and cut. Standard drill bits are suitable for PC materials. Still, we recommend using special drill bits designed to drill plastic material to avoid any damages before drilling, first make a pilot hole and start drilling from there.

Want to know the detail about machining polycarbonate.

Yes. With more than 15 years of experience in machining plastic, we can provide custom polycarbonate fabrication services.

Yes, you can warp the polycarbonate sheets, but it should be subject to the min warp radius, which is 150 or 200 times more than their thickness.

Sometimes, UVPLASTIC warps the polycarbonate sheets as a roll when delivering it, it offers more length for global clients, please see the following table:

NoProduct NameThickness (mm)Length With One Roll
1Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet0.8 mm and 1 mm50
2Flat Solid Polycarbonate Sheet1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm30

Yes, 4mm twin wall polycarbonate is the best choice for mini-greenhouse, 6mm and 8mm double-wall polycarbonate is the right choice for commercial greenhouses. Know more about polycarbonate in modern agriculture.

As a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate and acrylic sheets, UVPLASTIC is looking for Resellers, Distributors, Or Sales Partners all over the world. We can provide the most cost-effective products and superior service to grow their business, Click HERE to become our partner.

Polycarbonate(PC) and ABS are different plastic, they are used in different applications, know more details about the difference between Polycarbonate(PC) and ABS.

Yes, we can.

UVPLASTIC offers Bulletproof polycarbonate sheets in a variety of grades and strengths. Although no material is truly “bulletproof”, polycarbonate sheet is a great option for added safety and protection. UVPLASTIC bulletproof polycarbonate meets all security requirements with regard to protection against forced entry and ballistic impact.

It depends on different types. Solid polycarbonate sheets are available with a thickness from 0.8mm to 40mm. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are from 4mm to 60mm in thickness. Polycarbonate films are from 0.05mm to 2mm. Corrugated polycarbonate sheets are 0.8mm to 2mm.

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate in China, we are the best supplier of polycarbonate sheets for your projects.

Normally, the thickness of the UV coating layer is 50 μm, but the Max. thickness is 100 μm according to clients’ requirements. The UV coating layer will protect the polycarbonate sheets.


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