Application And Benefits of Twin-wall Polycarbonate

The twin-wall polycarbonate is mainly used as an alternative to glass. As you already know how great polycarbonate is in strength and versatility, twin-wall panel offers even more than that. And in this article, we’ll discuss the applications and benefits of these plastics.

The twin-wall plastic can be used as an alternative to glass, any heavy plastics, or even metals. And the reason for choosing twin-wall polycarbonate over other materials is that it offers way more strength while being very lightweight.

Alongside the strength and rigidness, the plastic offers excellent flexibility and a strength-to-weight ratio, making it a perfect choice for many applications.

Now that we’re done with the basics let’s jump into more details.

Application of Twin-wall Polycarbonate

When you need maximum strength, great light transmission, and optimum flexibility, you need to choose twin wall polycarbonate. Here are some of the applications and the benefits of this plastic that will be most relatable to you:


If you are looking for a rigid and extra strong material for your greenhouse, then there is no alternative to twin-wall polycarbonate. With an ideal budget, you can build a robust and more stable structure for your project.

The insulative property helps in heat retention. The transparency of the twin-wall plastic allows the light to pass through it and protects the plant from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The twin-wall plastic traps the heat inside the greenhouse to keep the interior surface warm and it is very energy efficient, which makes it more suitable for greenhouses in icy countries.

Although there are multiple walls, you’ll be amazed by the flexibility and light transmission of the material.

Window Replacement

This is an excellent alternative to glass applications. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, twin wall polycarbonate plastic can be a great choice for you. Especially if you live in a storm-prone area, you should consider upgrading the plastic material for your windows.

Manufacturing companies and industries that need better light transmission and heavier window panels can be a lifesaver for them.

Roofing Application

Twin-wall polycarbonate can be used for different sorts of roofing such as open restaurant roofing, bus station roofing, skywalks, carports, stadium roofing, or shower enclosures. Sometimes, the manufacturer makes it as a system, Click HERE to know more information about polycarbonate roofing panels.

This thermoplastic material is a great choice for roofing as this can outstand or resist extreme temperatures like hot or cold, which can face adverse weather without any damage.

Twin-wall polycarbonate roofing can be used for bothindoor/outdoorroofing. It can cope up with any temperature and adverse weather too.

The plastic roofing lasts from 10-15 yearswithout any drawbacks. Another great quality of this material is that it’s also fire-resistant, so there is no risk of an accident, making it an excellent roofing material for industrial applications.

You have probably seen the application of twin-wall polycarbonate at stadiums. This material is used because it allows light transmission through the plastic, which comes at an affordable price, unlike glass. Especially in parking’s roofing, it’s great. Why? Because it keeps your vehicle cool and not heat up.

Office Purposes

This material can be used as a room divider at the office or the workplace. Besides you can install a twin-wall polycarbonate as a wall instead of opaque glasses or wooden walls.

Why twin-wall plastic over glass? One of the reasons is that you need something safe and strong as a divider. Glass is not a reliable option for a partition. Wooden walls can do the job. However, their weight and strength ratio is not ideal.

The twin-wall polycarbonate panel is a perfect material if you desire to install it as a wall for a partition wall or a curved cabin. The installation process is easy and the material is also flexible. Meantime, solid polycarbonate sheets can be used for office purposes, like office chair mat, which is made of frosted polycarbonate.

Shower Enclosures

If you desire to build a curved shower enclosure, then there is no alternative to twin-wall plastic. It can be bent easily as curved surfaces and provides great durability.

The application of twin-wall plastic traps the heat inside the shower room in cold countries and you feel warm. Besides being excellent in resisting water, the multiwall structure avoids condensation on the inside and resists the water from going outside.

Hobby and Outdoor Restaurants

The twin-wall polycarbonate can be used as a windshield of golf-carts because of its transparent feature. The material is very strong and flexible so it can be used as an adjustable windshield which would look great.

This plastic is often used for gardening purposes too. It’s used in hot and humid countries for plants that can’t tolerate too much sunlight. Roofing of twin-wall polycarbonate above the plants blocks the excess sunlight and saves the plant from the harmful UV rays.

If you have an outdoor restaurant or plan to set up a restaurant under the open sky, you might use the twin-wall polycarbonate as a roof over the table over other materials. Otherwise, solid polycarbonate sheets can be manufactured for a bubble tent, which is best for an outdoor restaurant.

Curtain Walls

We have seen glass being used as curtain walls for a long time. But the modern time has come we should think of profitable material and not just transparent but also provide other facilities and features.

The twin-wall polycarbonate can be used as a substitute for glass. The benefit of using this over glass is that this material is flexible and you can also develop a curved surface for your curtain walls. This would look even better than the glass itself.

This transparent property can also provide warm shelter in cold countries. The insulation property is worth mentioning. Maybe you need to know more about polycarbonate facade.

Storm Panels

Because of the robust nature and extreme strength, this can be used as a storm panel. Because of the minimal weight and robust nature, it’s used for this purpose in many storm-prone areas.


This is another great application of twin wall polycarbonate plastic. It offers an excellent deal of light transmission and transmission. Which makes it a better choice when you need both light transmission and strength.

Benefits of Twin Wall Polycarbonate Plastic

Twin wall polycarbonate offers the same benefits as all polycarbonate sheets. You probably got a clear idea from the above discussion of the material. But let’s look at them from an objective view:

  • Lightweight and easy to install;
  • Better light transmission;
  • Weight to strength ratio is great;
  • Super strong;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Fire resistant;
  • Flexible;

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Now that you know more about this amazing material let’s make your project more successful with it. And if you want to learn more about this plastic, feel free to give us a knock.

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