Why Polycarbonate Sheet Is Used For Riot Shield

You’ve probably seen those good old protection shields used by police or military people. These polycarbonate made shields are very heavy and able to protect a person from attacks.

Today we’re going to talk about everything about protection shields and why polycarbonate sheet is used to make this.

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Evolution of Protection Shield

In ancient times, military organizations used metals to make protection shields. But as you can imagine, those were really heavy and hard to carry for the soldiers.

Men have used woods and even bamboo-made protection shields in times as well. But if we talk about logic, we need something that can withstand extreme impact and protect the holder.

Moreover, having a transparent shield gives a massive advantage to the user. And here comes the plastic.

You can’t possibly use glass for a shield, right?

Here comes the plastic. Polycarbonate plastic is 250 times tougher and more robust than glass. And on top of that, they’re very flexible, which makes this material the best option for a shield.

Soldiers can see through this while having a strong material to protect themselves.

Advantages of Polycarbonate protection Shield

Let’s see why polycarbonate riot shields are so widely popular and what benefits they have to offer.


One of the major advantages of polycarbonate shield is that organizations can save a ton of money. Using metal or any other alternatives will cost a lot of money for any organizations, because the materials are generally purchased in bulk amounts.


Polycarbonate is said to be a virtually unbreakable plastic material. And if you check the characteristics, polycarbonate is almost 250 times stronger than glass and can withstand extreme rough weather conditions and high impacts.

For riot shields, strength is the most important factor to be considered. The purpose of these shields is to protect the human body from attacks and high impacts.


People used metal or wooden protection shields (like Captain America, but larger) in earlier times. The problem with these materials is that you can’t see through. When lifting the shield to safeguard the body, users would get blinded, which raises the risk of being attacked.

Luckily, with polycarbonate shields, the problem is solved. Polycarbonate offers very clear transparency so you can look through it while blocking the attacks or front side of your body.


Because of the higher strength and transparency, the users are safer with polycarbonate shield than with any other materials. This is why almost all the official gov organizations use this for the better safety of their soldiers.


Weight is a great factor for considering any equipment for these kinds of extreme situations. Soldiers already carry a lot of weight with them and a shield is generally the largest equipment they carry.

If the weight is not light, it will be very tough to move around with the shield and protect themselves. If you compare metal shields to a 10 time lighter shield, no one would want the heavy one, right? Polycarbonate can offer extreme strength but is very light in nature, enabling the soldiers to move fast and be more efficient and effective in extreme conditions.


Generally, polycarbonate sheets have an average of 10-15 years lifespan. And for shields, the lifespan is even more because they use stronger material to make them.

If we compare it with metal shields, most metal shields would have a longer lifespan. However, using metal shields nowadays is not practical.

Compared with any other plastic forms used to make shields, polycarbonate offers the best lifespan because of its outstanding durability.

Easy to source

Currently, polycarbonate protection shields are widely used throughout the world. And almost all of them are being imported from China. If you’re looking to import a protection shield, sourcing from China is the best option for you. And UVPLASTIC is the leading manufacturer of riot shield.

How UVPLASTIC can help you with PC Protection Shields

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Now that you know why polycarbonate shields are used, the benefits of using them, and where to source them from. It’s time to hear your thoughts on this.

Which material do you think works best as a protection shield? Let me know in the chat option now!

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