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Polycarbonate Rod is made of transparent polycarbonate granules by extrusion processing, it is a semi-transparent or black thermoplastic plastic rod with excellent machinability, high impact resistance, and excellent electrical properties. In addition, polycarbonate rod offers a low water absorption rate and good chemical resistance.

As one of the popular engineering plastic rods, polycarbonate rod is different from acrylic rod, it offers higher impact resistance, better dimensional stability, and good strength and stiffness over a wide range of temperatures -40°C to 120°C, but the light transmittance is lower, therefore, polycarbonate rods are used frequently for industrial applications.

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of polycarbonate rods in China, we supply and wholesale polycarbonate rods with diameters from 6mm to 300mm. In addition, we can make custom polycarbonate rods and machine them by saw and turning-lathe machines.

Specification Of Polycarbonate Rod

UVPC-ROC Clear polycarbonate Rod

UVPLASTIC supplies clear polycarbonate rods with diameters from 10mm to 300mm, it offers good machinability, high impact resistance, and excellent electrical properties. Normally, it will be machined into parts by turning-lathe machine for industrial applications.

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-1010mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-1515mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-2020mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-2525mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-3030mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-3535mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-4040mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-4545mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-5050mm1000mm, 2000mm

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-5555mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-6060mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-6565mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-7070mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-7575mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-8080mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-8585mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-9090mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-9595mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-100100mm1000mm, 2000mm

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-110110mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-120120mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-130130mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-140140mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-150150mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-160160mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-170170mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-180180mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-190190mm1000mm, 2000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-200200mm1000mm, 200mm

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-220220mm1000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-250250mm1000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-280280mm1000mm
Clear Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROC-300300mm1000mm


  • Contact us for clear polycarbonate rods with custom Sizes and Lengths;
  • Contact us for Machining polycarbonate rods;
  • Cut polycarbonate sheets to size;

UVPC-ROB Black polycarbonate Rod

Black polycarbonate rod is made of polycarbonate granules, master-batch color, and 30% glass fiber, it offers excellent machinability, high impact resistance, and low water absorption.

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-66mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-88mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-1010mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-1212mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-1515mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-2020mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-2525mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-3030mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-3535mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-4040mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-4545mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-5050mm1000mm, 2000mm

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-5555mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-6060mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-6565mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-7070mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-7575mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-8080mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-8585mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-9090mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-9595mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-100100mm1000mm, 2000mm

Product NameModelDiameter (mm)Length (mm)
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-110110mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-120120mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-130130mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-140140mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-150150mm1000mm, 2000mm
Black Polycarbonate RodUVPC-ROB-160160mm1000mm, 2000mm
  • Contact us for clear polycarbonate rods with custom Sizes and Lengths;
  • Contact us for Machining polycarbonate rods;
  • Cut polycarbonate sheets to size;

Typic applications

Physical Properties of Polycarbonate Rods

PropertyTest MethodTesting ConditionUnitValue
DensityD-792 g/cm31.2
Heat Deflection TemperatureD-648Load: 1.82 MP°C135
Short Time Service Temperature  °Cfrom -50 to +130
Long Time Service Temperature  °Cfrom -40 to +100
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionD-696 mm/m °C0.065
Thermal ConductivityC-177 W/m K0.21
Tensile Strength at YieldD-63810 mm/minMpa or N/mm²>65
Tensile Strength at BreakD-63810 mm/minMPa or N/mm²>60
Elongation at YieldD-63810 mm/min.%6
Elongation at BreakD-638 %>95
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityD-6381 mm/minMPa2350
Flexural StrengthD-7901.3 mm/min.MPa100
Flexural ModulusD-7901.3 mm/min.MPa2600
Impact Falling WeightISO 6603/1 E503mm sheetJ158
Flammability rateUL 94  V-2 or V-0

The default third-party testing organization is SGS;

Main Benefits

  • Excellent machinability;
  • High impact resistance;
  • Low water absorption rate and good chemical resistance;
  • Withstands most extreme hot and cold climates between -40°C to 120 °C;
  • Wide range diameter from 6mm to 300mm;
  • Good electrical insulation;
  • RoHS compliant;
  • Machining service is available;

UL Flammability Standard Released By Underwriters Laboratories

UVPLASTIC Polycarbonate Rod can meet the V-2 fire rating according to UL94

Restriction Of Hazardous Substances

UVPLASTIC offers environmentally-friendly polycarbonate sheets and meets RoHS and REACH

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, UVPLASTIC is a leading supplier of polycarbonate plastic rods and machining services.

You can send the drawings to [email protected] for a fast quotation.

Polycarbonate plastic rods can work well from -40°C to 120°C.

Yes, polycarbonate rods and Lexan rods are the same things.

UVPLASTIC provides two standard lengths of 1000mm and 2000mm, but we can cut it to size.

Yes, UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate rods in China, we can make custom polycarbonate rods according to clients’ requirements.

There are two methods to cut polycarbonate rods.

  1. By saw machine: if you don’t need a strict tolerance for length and a good cut surface, saw machine will be a good tool to cut polycarbonate rods;
  2. Turning-lathe machine: if you use a turning-lathe machine to cut polycarbonate rods, you can get a very good tolerance and a good cut surface. It can change the diameter if you want.

You can choose UVPLASTIC, which is a leading supplier and wholesaler of polycarbonate rods, otherwise, we can cut it to your size and do machining service.

Polycarbonate rod is a round plastic rod, which is made of polycarbonate material and other materials, such as glass fiber, color masterbatch, anti-static addition agent (ESD). Polycarbonate rod offers high impact resistance, good machinability, and excellent electrical properties. The common colors are semi-transparent and black, the diameter is from 6mm to 300mm. Normally, it is machined by turning-lathe machine. The machined parts are used for automation, medical device, etc.


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