VIEWSKY Non-Inflatable Glamping Dome Bubble Tent

A leading manufacturer of Glamping Dome Bubble Tent kit in China

VIEWSKY Non-inflatable Glamping Dome Bubble Tent is the best living tent and glamping dome tent, developed by UVPLASTIC, for Outdoor Camping, Scenic Resort Hotels, Resort Hotel, Outdoor Hotels, Star-rated Hotels, Gourmet Restaurant, Private Villas, etc. It is a totally see-through bubble tent and allows you to install a curtain system for privacy. Therefore, you can sleep inside and enjoy the starry or memorable dinner on a wonderful night.

Unlike the PVC inflatable bubble tent, you don’t need to prepare the air source for it. VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent offers the aluminum window and ventilator, they always provide fresh air inside. The main material is the aluminum profiles and 5mm or 6mm clear polycarbonate sheets, which is virtually unbreakable between -40 and 120 degrees centigrade. Therefore, it is totally all-season products, meantime, it offers excellent light transmittance, great fire resistance, marvelous strength to withstand the sudden stormy wind, heave snow, rainstorm, etc.

The UV coating layer is coated on the outside surface, can block more than 99.9% ultraviolet rays. Therefore, VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent offers great durability and lasts 10 years at least without yellowing nor damaging.

Compared with Geodesic Dome Tent, it is stronger and easier to assemble and install VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent due to the modular structure design.

Now, UVPLASTIC offers five standard Glamping Dome Bubble Tent Kits with the diameters of 6m, 5m, 4m, 3m, 2.5m. You can install a kingsize bed and a shower room or bathroom in the 6m, or 5m glamping dome tent. Or you can combine two or three bubble tents as a suite. Otherwise, we provide the custom glamping dome tent according to your requirements.

Main Benefits

  • 360°transparent and totally see through, helps you close to nature and delight in the splendid views;
  • Stable and safe, by using polycarbonate, which is 250 times stronger than glass;
  • Can install a voice-activated curtain system and air conditioner;
  • Comfortable, the UV coating on the surface can block more than 99.9% ultraviolet rays;
  • Excellent flame retardance;
  • All-season Glamping Dome Bubble Tent, polycarbonate can be used between -40℃ with 120℃;
  • Longer lifespan, the UV coating helps polycarbonate keep clear for over 10 years;
  • Waterproof and dampproof;
  • Modular Design and easy to install;
  • Custom clear bubble tents are available;

Standard Sizes of VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent Kit

Floor Area
(Square Meters)
Suggested Application
UV-SKY-, Shower Room, Dinner Room, Leisure Restaurant
UV-SKY-3032.57Bathroom, Shower Room, Dinner Room, Leisure Restaurant, Children’s bedroom
UV-SKY-353.52.59.6Only for Restaurant
UV-SKY-4043.2512.6Dinner Room, Leisure Restaurant, Children’s Bedroom, Geodome Home
UV-SKY-5053.519.6Master Bedroom with a Shower Room
UV-SKY-6063.2528.3Master Bedroom with a Bathroom or a Shower Room
UV-SKY-50/255+2.53.524.5Glamping Dome Tent Suite
UV-SKY-60/256+2.53.2533.2Glamping Dome Tent Suite
UV-SKY-50/30/255+3+2.53.531.5Glamping Dome Tent Suite
UV-SKY-60/30/256+3+2.53.2540.2Glamping Dome Tent Suite


Clear Dome Restaurant

This is our bubble restaurant project in China, we use 3.5 meters and 4 meters VIEWSKY Bubble Tent. With the LED Light, it is really romantic restaurant.

For more information, please see the video.

Bubble/Glamping Hotel

We provide 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m and suite bubble tent for bubble hotel or glamping hotel. You can enjoy the beautiful, romantic, starry sky with your family. The curtain system is available for privacy.

Familay Bubble/Glamping Tent

VIEWSKY Bubble tent can be used at your home. You can install it on the roof of your house, backyard, lawn or by your swimming pool as lounge, bedroom. 3 meter, 4 meter, 5 meter will be suitable for family use.

Bubble/Glamping Restaurant

Bubble tent is one of the best new restaurant choice, 2.5 meter tent is for 2 or 3 people; 3 meter tent is for 3 or 5 people; 4 meter tent is for 5 or 8 people, 5 meter tent is for 8 or 10 people.

Bubble Classroom for kindergarten

VIEWSKY Bubble Tent can be used as classrooms in kindergarten.

It will be very quiet, in this case, children can focus on class.

History Project Videos

VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Tent offers excellent strength and great weather ability, it is totally waterproof, therefore, it is widely used as bubble restaurant, glamping hotel, bubble greenhouse, classroom, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main material is aluminum frames and high-quality clear polycarbonate sheets, which is 250 times stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable. The whole clear bubble tent is separated into independent parts, which is thermoformed to a certain shape.

Yes, you can install the curtain system on the aluminum frame and the wall of the glamping dome tent, you can tell our engineer, and we will install the holders of the curtain system. Normally, VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Tent Kit doesn’t include the curtain system. If you really need it, please tell the sales manager in advance. Please see the following video for the automatic curtain system.

Yes, of course. UV-SKY-30 and UV-SKY-40 will be the right DIY geodesic domes for home applications. We will provide a geodesic dome kit.

VIEWSKY bubble tent is the best product for bubble restaurant, you can choose different sizes, sush as

  • 2.5 meter bubble tent is for 2 or 3 people;
  • 3 meter bubble tent is for 4 or 6 people;
  • 4 meter bubble tent is for 7 or 8 people;
  • 5 meter bubble tent is for 9 or 12 people;
  • 6 meter bubble tent is for more than 13 people;

Yes, the flat deck is necessary. Normally, our clients use antiseptic wood floor and cement floor for the flat deck. We will provide an aluminum foundation, the clients connect the aluminum foundation with the flat deck by expansion bolt (cement floor) or normal bolt (antiseptic wood floor).

Yes, VIEWSKY Geodesic Glamping Dome Tent is made of high-quality polycarbonate sheets, which is 250 times stronger than normal glass. Therefore, it is very strong, please see this video:

For higher strength, we use 5mm or 6mm thickness for the bubble tent.

No, the ventilator is optional. UVPLASTIC will provide a ventilator with permission from clients. We also provide a mounting hole, if clients install the ventilator or stove chimney.

Normally, the quotation base on standard configuration, which doesn’t include the curtain system, air conditioner, but we have optional configuration, please see the following list:

1. Standard Configuration

1Glamping Dome BodyKit1Made of Polycarbonate Sheets
2Glamping Dome RoofKit1Made of Polycarbonate Sheets
3Pedestal baseKit1Made of high-strength Aluminium Alloy 
4Roofing frameKit1Made of high-strength Aluminium Alloy 
5DoorKit1Main Material is Aluminium Alloy 
6WindorKit1Main Material is Aluminium Alloy 

2. Optional Configuration

1Curtain System for RoofKit1Voice control and remote control
2Curtain System for Glamping Dome BodyKit1Separated type
3Exhaust fanKit1220V
4Supporting frames KitKit1Aluminium Alloy, for the windy place
5LED LightKit1 

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent, which is an all-season glamping dome, an air conditioner, and a stove with a chimney will be needed in summer and winter.

Yes, different sizes can be assembled together as glamping dome suite, please see the following suggestion:

We use 5mm or 6mm thickness polycarbonate panel for clear bubble tent/glamping dome, it is very strong and withstands the impact from wild animals, stormy weather, heavy snow.

We have 5 standard sizes at the moment. Larger bubble tent/glamping dome is more expensive, please see the following approximate price list:

ItemModelDiameterHeightApproximate Price
Clear Bubbele TentUV-SKY-252.5m2.5mNeed a Offer of VIEWSKY Clear Bubble Tent
Clear Bubbele TentUV-SKY-303m2.5mNeed a Offer of VIEWSKY Clear Bubble Tent
Clear Bubbele TentUV-SKY-404m3.25mNeed a Offer of VIEWSKY Clear Bubble Tent
Clear Bubbele TentUV-SKY-505m3.5mNeed a Offer of VIEWSKY Clear Bubble Tent
Clear Bubbele TentUV-SKY-606m3.25mNeed a Offer of VIEWSKY Clear Bubble Tent

Normally, it is the same temperature as the environment, because there are one or two windows. The air conditioner can be installed inside to decrease temperature.

The air source will be needed for the PVC inflatable bubble tent, but it isn’t needed for the polycarbonate bubble tent. Otherwise, polycarbonate glamping dome tent offers higher flame retardance, excellent impact resistance, the lifespan will be more than 10 years.

You can install a beautiful curtain, air conditioner, light, bathroom, bathtub inside.

Know more detail about the difference PVC inflatable bubble tent Vs. VIEWSKY bubble tent.

Compared with Geodesic Dome Tent, VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent is stronger and easier to assemble than geodesic dome tent due to the modular structure design.

Otherwise, geodesic dome tent use plastic cover, it will be broken by a knife or wild animal, but VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Bubble Tent use the polycarbonate panel, which is virtually unbreakable.

Yes, VIEWSKY non-inflatable glamping dome tents are popular all over the world, clients use it as bubble tent hotel, bubble tent restaurant, or install at their home, please see the following video

No, unlike PVC inflatable bubble tent, it isn’t needed to inflate VIEWSKY clear bubble tent, therefore, there isn’t any noise when using.

Yes, it does. VIEWSKY clear bubble tent/glamping dome is made of high-quality polycarbonate sheets, which can withstand the most terrible weather, such as a hurricane, hailstone, rainstorm, hailstone, heavy snowfall, etc.

The surface of the clear bubble tent was coated with the UV protective layer, therefore, it won’t yellow within over 10 years.

  1.  Using lukewarm water with pressure to spray on the surface of clear bubble tent;
  2. Using the soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and water to rub clear bubble tent, NEVER use scrub or brushes or squeegees or you will break the UV coating layer;
  3. Using lukewarm water with pressure to clean the lather on the surface;
  4. Using the clear soft cloth to remove the water from the surface of clear bubble tent;

Normally, the accessories include exhaust fan, aluminum window, and aluminum door, the pothook of curtain system.

The curtain system is optional.

Yes, we have experienced engineers, who can design a custom polycarbonate bubble tent according to your requirement. Know more detail about machining polycarbonate.

Although they are different names, they are the same things, they are a bubble tent, which is used to live inside.

Yes, we are looking for reseller in the global market. Click HERE to become our reseller.

There are many glamping domes, such as PVC inflatable bubble tent, geodesic dome tent, and VIEWSKY Glamping dome tent. Different glamping dome tents have different performance.

PVC inflatable bubble tent is a better price, light-weight, but short lifespan. The geodesic dome tent is good quality, strong structure with supporting frames, but it is expensive and hard to install. VIEWSKY Glamping Dome Tent, it is made of clear polycarbonate sheet, therefore, it is stronger, durable, easy to install due to modular design.

Please click HERE for more information about how to choose the right glamping dome tent.

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