Best Geodesic Dome Tent For Glamping

Best Geodesic Dome Tent You Could Find In China

Since Geodesic Dome Tent Kit comes to the world, it has been becoming popular everywhere. All people like to use the geodesic dome tent as a glamping house, bubble hut for tourism, greenhouse for agriculture, and event display application. It offers a good price, a simple but strong structure, eye-catching appearance. Otherwise, it provides reliable performance, absolute safety, and a longer lifespan. Otherwise, it is very easy to install a geodesic dome tent.

Geodesic dome tent adopts a spherical reticulated shell structure. The reticulated shell is a curved space grid structure made of steel frames with powder spraying technology for Rust Protection, which offers a lighter weight and thin-shell structure. Therefore, the geodesic dome tent has an extremely high assurance factor, an attractive appearance with custom printing. People call it “the strongest space, the lightest weight, the most effective design”.

Normally, the geodesic dome tent ranges from 4 meters to 50 meters or more in diameter. Small dome tents from 4 meters to 8 meters are widely used as glamping tents, bubble huts, outdoor camp lodges, etc. More than 10 meters of geodesic dome tents are used as wedding tents, event tents, exhibitions, brand launches, cinema, concert parties, and other large-scale activities.

As a famous outdoor tent supplier in China, UVPLASTIC designs and manufactures geodesic dome tents with standard diameters, such as 5 meters, 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters. Meantime, we provide custom geodesic dome tents for global clients. All geo-dome tents meet the international safety standards, the maximum resistance to 11 level winds, more than 10 years of lifespan. Today, people from more than 40 countries are using UVPLASTIC geodesic dome tents.

Specification Of UV-GDT Geodesic Dome Tent Kit

Floor Area
(Square Meters)
Main MaterialOptional Part
UV-GDT-505319.6High-strength Steel Pipe With Powder Spraying Cover for Rust Protection, High-Quality PVC CoverInsulating Layer
UV-GDT-6063.628.3High-strength Steel Pipe With Powder Spraying Cover for Rust Protection, High-Quality PVC CoverInsulating Layer
UV-GDT-7074.238.5High-strength Steel Pipe With Powder Spraying Cover for Rust Protection, High-Quality PVC CoverInsulating Layer
UV-GDT-8084.850.2High-strength Steel Pipe With Powder Spraying Cover for Rust Protection, High-Quality PVC CoverInsulating Layer

Main Benefits Of UV-GDT Geodesic Dome Tent Kit

installed quickly almost anywhere

Using the flange plate as the junction point of frames, therefore, it is really easy to install it. Normally, it will need two people and two hours for installing Geodesic Dome Tent for the first time.

strong shelter, and security

UVPLASTIC Geodesic Dome Tents constructed from strong, low-maintenance components and quality PVC cover, which can block UV and offers high tensile and anti-tear strength between -50 to +70 °C.

Best cost-effectiveness

The price ranges from 1500 USD to 2500 USD. And the geodesic dome tent can last more than 10 years. It is really highly cost-effective for investors.

All-season Geodesic Dome Tent

Geodesic Dome Tent offers two or three windows, therefore, it is easy for fresh air to come in/out. With the help of an air conditioner, it is comfortable in summer. The Insulating Layer is available, with the heater, it is warm in winter.

Custom Geodesic Dome Tents

UVPLASTIC has experienced engineers to provide custom Geodesic Dome Tents to global clients, which can be used as event dome tents, greenhouse domes, wedding tents, party tents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, please check and download the catalog:

The Geodesic tent is a semi-sphere, it is like a dome tent. Normally, the frames are strong steel pipes, the cover is PVC material with 20% transparency. It is easy to install, the price is good. It can be used as a living room, event tent, dome house, and huts, etc.

The price range is from 1000 USD to 2500 USD for UV-GDT geodetic dome tents.

The cost of a custom geodesic dome tent will be more expensive according to size.

It depends on size, the bigger size is more expensive. For 6 meters geodesic dome tent, the price is about 2000 USD.

No. The client needs to buy them locally.

It should depend on the PVC cover, normally, you need to change the new PVC cover every 10 years. After changing the PVC cover, you can use 10 years more.

Yes, we have more than 10 years of experience in designing custom geodesic dome tents for event dome tents.

It could be, but you need to confirm your house is strong enough because a geodesic dome tent is about 300 Kg. And you need to fix it on the roof of your house.

Yes, of course.

Geodesic Dome is one of the best houses that you can live in. It solves many economic and environmental challenges that traditional buildings can’t solve.

If you’re looking for a semipermanent or permanent living dome for the outdoor living house, the geodesic shelter dome will be the best choice.

Yes, of course.

The geodesic dome tent is made up of many triangles for a strong arch shape, therefore, it is strong enough.



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