What You Need To Know About Glamping Tents In 2021

Nowadays, more and more people like living outdoor, therefore, different glamping tents will be needed to meet these requirements. Camping tents will help to enjoy nature and provide a safe living space. Sometimes, these tents will bring wonderful and memorable experiences on the important anniversary. But do you know how to choose wonderful glamping tents? In this blog, we will compare some popular glamping tents in the market, and indicate how to choose the right one?

Main Factors For Choosing Glamping Tent?

What purpose do you buy a glamping tent for?

This factor will affect how many cost will you spend for it.

  • If you are a backpacker and like hiking all the country, lightweight will be the first factor that needs to be considered;
  • If you are the owner of the outdoor hotel and want to provide a glamping house in a holiday resort, wonderful experience, security, cost, environment applicability, the lifespan of glamping tent will be the main factor that needs to be considered;
  • If you want to have a business on Airbnb, unique experience, cost, security, will be mail main factor need to be considered;
  • If you want to build a glamping hotel in the desert, you need to consider security, cost, and easy installation;
  • If you are operating a restaurant, maybe cost, lifespan, easy installation will be main factor;
  • If you want to build a glamping tent at your backyard, security, cost, the lifespan of glamping tent and easy installation will be main factor need to be considered;
  • If you need a glamping for an exhibition show, it is better to rent one.

How much will you spend for your glamping tent?

It is really important to buy a wonderful tent, which can meet your price target and the requirements in security, the lifespan of the glamping tent, easy installation, and a unique experience.

Will you move glamping tent frequently?

How many days or months will you move your glamping tent? One week, a couple of weeks, half-year or permanently.

Other factor

How does the glamping tent keep the privacy of habitant?

What size glamping tent are you looking for?

Does the glamping tent need other accessories, such as AC, blower, LED light, bathroom, more windows?

Will the power system necessary?

Difference Glamping Tents In The Market

Inflatable Bubble Tent

Inflatable bubble tent is made of PVC, it is totally transparent, sometimes, and other colors are available. It is lightweight and easy to install, therefore it can’t windproof, maybe you can say Goodbye when facing the high wind. Otherwise, it is not fireproof and easily broken. It is not an all-season bubble tent. You need to prepare a 220V blower to keep the bubble inflated, but the price is really good.

VIEWSKY Bubble Tent

VIEWSKY bubble tent is made of polycarbonate plastic, it is virtually unbreakable, developed by UVPLASTIC Company, which is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate plastic, meantime, provides machining polycarbonate service to global clients. The engineer wants to use polycarbonate plastic to manufacture a clear dome tent with excellent strength, which should be installed easily, people live inside and enjoy the starry sky. Obviously, polycarbonate plastic will be the best material. VIEWSKY Bubble Tent is made up of 4 or 12 parts, therefore, it is really easy to install. The UV coating layer can block more than 99.9% of ultraviolet rays. Electric curtain system and window are available, you can install two or three bubble tents together.

It is super strong and very easy to maintain, can be used as a bubble hotel, bubble restaurant, POP display dome, etc. But the price will be more expensive than other types.

Canvas Cottage Tent

Canvas Cottage Tent is popular nowadays because it is eye-catching, the Sharpe can be customized. There are some frames, which are made of wood or aluminum. It is easy to install and demountable. But canvas cottage tent is not see-through, therefore, it is not the right product to see the starry sky when sleeping.

People will feel cold when living inside in winter, although you can use heater and underfloor heating system. It is not waterproof and windproof. Therefore, it can be used in a resort.

Geodesic Dome Tent

Geodesic dome tent is composed of steel frames and PVC cover. It offers good structural strength, it can be totally see-through, or see-through part of the area. Normally, it is a hemisphere, diameter is from 4 meters to 8 meters for living. The diameter is up to 50 meters or more, therefore, it is also can be used as an event dome tent. The weight is about 100 or 500 Kg depends on the size, therefore, it is windproof. Of course, the fireproof capability is Ok. The price is good. Sometimes, people use it as a dome greenhouse.

With the insulating layer, it can be used in winter, but the PVC cover lasts about 5 years, you need to change the new cover. It is a really good glamping tent for living.


Of course, you can find more glamping tents in the market. At the moment, you should know which type of glamping tent you are looking for. If you are looking for geodesic dome tents and VIEWSKY bubble tents, please contact UVPLASTIC directly.

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