Polycarbonate Façade: Craft Your Dreams With Style

What is common between the glowing wall of the art gallery in San Paulo and the museum of contemporary art in Russia?

Yes, you got it right! It’s the POLYCARBONATE FAÇADE. It’s hard to overstate the role polycarbonate façade plays in architecture. Polycarbonate facade is a high-performing thermoplastic that is extensively used in building and construction projects.

You might’ve already noticed in buildings and towers, but today, let’s discuss should you choose it or not for your own project?

Why Choose a Polycarbonate Facade for Building?

Polycarbonate was used as a material to make greenhouses and roofs. Because of its aesthetic possibilities, polycarbonate is now widely used as a modern material. You’ll find it in windows, skylights, wall panels, roof domes and exterior elements for LED lighting, safety and style.

Polycarbonate façade has many characteristics that make it useful in those applications. It’s highly durable and lightweight. It has high optical clarity with high heat resistance.

Besides, it also has an excellent flammability resistance, making it a very safe option for almost any application.

Polycarbonate facades have several thicknesses, such as 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm. It comes in three different styles. The façades can be transparent, translucent, or smoky.

They are covered with UV filters on the external surface for maximum protection. You will find usages of polycarbonate facades in warehouses, production buildings, or public utility facilities.

It comes in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t have any length restrictions. It has a plethora of benefits which result in its increasing attraction to architects.

Benefits of Using Polycarbonate Facades in Buildings

Do you have any doubt about the beneficial sides of Polycarbonate Façade? Well, you shouldn’t!

Because now we will walk you through the fantastic benefits of Polycarbonate facades. Stay a little longer with us and we will make you fall in love with the Polycarbonate curtain wall.

There’s no shortage of bright sides of these facades. Let us present to you some of the benefits of Polycarbonate facades.

Light Transmission

It’s impossible to ignore the role of light in architecture. According to the great modern architect Steven Hall, light is to architecture what sound is to music.

Light represents the thoroughness of space. But for the uninterrupted supply of light, sometimes you might compromise with security. But with the help of the Polycarbonate façade, you don’t have to compromise anymore.

Polycarbonate can transmit around the same amount of light as glass does. They are designed to protect us from UV radiation. It also includes a special coating that reflects UV radiation outwards. It reduces solar gain but allows natural light to pass through the sheets.

Shock and Fracture Resistant

A solid Polycarbonate sheet is designed to have a far higher impact compared to glass. It will provide you with far higher resistance against hailstorms, falling branches, thieves, and other objects than glass.

Its shock and fracture resistance elements lessen the torment of expensive repair and maintenance costs.

Sounds like a great deal? Polycarbonate doesn’t turn fragile with time. And it is extremely easy to transport or handle because of its solidity.

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Great Insulation

Polycarbonate sheets are being extensively popular because of their thermal insulation properties. It improves thermal performance by creating additional air pockets around the building.

You will often notice polycarbonate sheets being used as acoustic barriers in roads, railway or construction sites. They are also used in offices or stores for their amazing sound cancellation system.

Easier to Bend

You can easily bend polycarbonate sheets as per your needs. You can easily form it in different shapes and sizes. It can also be cold-bent to form a curved surface.

As polycarbonate is thermoplastic, it can be heated, cooled, and reheated again without any degradation. Polycarbonate is 100% recyclable.

Weights Much Less Than Glass

Take the weight off your building using polycarbonate sheets. Because it is much less in weight than glass. Glass has a density of 2800 kg/m3 and the density of polycarbonate is 1200 kg/m3.

So it weighs less than glass. It means there are less substances on the roof and less tension on the rest of the building. Polycarbonate roofing can reduce the cost of the structure of the building as the roof weights less.

It can save you a lot of energy and money because polycarbonate is easy to transport or lift because of its low weight. And the best part is that polycarbonate can endure almost any weather from tropical to frigid.

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More Affordable

Do you want to see better results using inexpensive products? Well, in this case, polycarbonate is the only solution for you.

It is much more affordable than other products available in the market. The price range of polycarbonate is $1 to $4 per square foot. The installation expenses of these sheets are much lower compared to glass.

Why Is Polycarbonate a Great Choice for Building and Construction?

Glass has been preferable when it came to roofing materials for ages. But polycarbonate is gradually taking over its place. Polycarbonate is not only much more rigid than glass, but it is also a lot more energy-efficient.

If you are looking for a material with durability, strength, lightweight, style and best ventilation quality, polycarbonate is the best for you. Polycarbonate will permit sufficient amounts of sunlight into your building, unlike glass and other well-known materials.

Polycarbonate is strong enough to endure harsh weather. It has all the abilities to stand the test of time. No wonder polycarbonate is now the most preferred material when it comes to building and construction.


As you’ve gone through the article, we assume that you learned about polycarbonate facades’ essential features. Was this convincing enough? What do you think? Feel free to let us know any questions you have and we’ll be happy to answer.

UVPLASTIC is a leading supplier of polycarbonate facade systems. Most importantly, if you’re looking to buy strong and long-lasting facades, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer the best polycarbonate facades in the market at a competitive price.

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