Benefits Of Polycarbonate Siding

What Are Polycarbonate Sidings?

Polycarbonate sidings or twin wall polycarbonate plastic is a multiwall extruded polymer plastic, specifically engineered for better strength, durability, and performance.

If you’re still eager to know more about this amazing type of plastic, feel free to visit our blog to find other informative and fun topics around this material. Maybe, you want to know the difference between twin wall polycarbonate and Multiwall polycarbonate.

But for now, let’s focus on the benefits of polycarbonate sidings. Primarily we’ll look at how polycarbonate sidings are a good fit for your roofing or any other uses.


The applications are endless with this material. Simply because of the outstanding performance, strength, and durability, the list is getting bigger day by day. Initially, it was considered to be an alternative to glass only.

But as the technology progressed, the quality and performance of this plastic increased too. And side by side, it has grown its demand applications as well.

From your window replacements to the greenhouse, twin-wall polycarbonate is everywhere. It is widely used for roofing, both in homes and industrial uses. Click HERE to know more about the applications of twin-wall polycarbonate and more information about twin wall polycarbonate sheet.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Siding

You already know this plastic is impressive and offers excellent value to its users. But what exactly makes it so demandable and favorite among buyers? Let’s see some of the major benefits you’ll get with this kind of plastic and why it is so famous.

Impact Resistance

Even a standard piece of polycarbonate sheet is much stronger than most other plastics and glass. And if we’re talking about twin walls, keep in mind that this type of plastic is engineered to have better strength and performance.

If your roofing is often exposed to high impacts and clashes, you’ll want to have twin walls for better impact resistance. Sure, a single sheet of polycarbonate can make you safer from high effects and slams.

However, to be on the safe side and have better durability on your roof, you need to have polycarbonate sidings.

Better Light Transmission and UV Protection

Compared to its thickness, you’ll get a fantastic amount of light transmission with this plastic. Polycarbonate siding can offer up to 80% light transmission, which is impressive considering its properties.

The best part is the UV protection ability it offers. You’ll get 100% protection from the UV while getting incredible light transmission and durability, which is why twin wall polycarbonate is an excellent choice for home and especially for industrial uses.


Twin Wall polycarbonate is exceptionally lightweight and easy to handle compared to its properties. Although it offers extreme strength and performance, you can install the sheets with little to no help by yourself.

The lightweight nature saves money in transportation and installation as well. On the other side when you’re choosing glass for your roofs or greenhouses, you’ll need to spend a lot more on transportation and installation.

On top of that, there’s always the risk of damaging glass materials on roads or in installing.

Eco Friendly Material

One of the great benefits of using this plastic is that you can melt it into a liquid after its life cycle, which makes it super sustainable and reusable. So when you’re using this plastic, you can be assured that you’re using recyclable material.

Weather Resistant

Twin wall polycarbonate is an extremely weather-resistant material and can save you from almost any kind of weather impacts and calamities. Including floods, heavy rains, cyclones, or other incidents can hardly harm polycarbonate sidings’ resistance.

So, if your roofing panel or greenhouse is often exposed to the weather, make sure you’re making the right decision by going with this material.

Long Lasting and Durable

If you’re like me, you don’t want to change or replace the roofing panels every six months or year. When you’re investing in your roofing panels for greenhouses, you want them to last a more extended period.

This is why this kind of plastic can be an absolute right choice for your needs. General polycarbonate sheets can last up to 10 years. Twin wall polycarbonate has even more durability and extended-lasting properties, which will ensure you’re getting the best value for a long time.

Fire Resistant

When you’re choosing a roofing panel, you want it to be safe and reliable for yourself and your family or business. Being fire resistant and extremely prone to smoke makes this plastic a safer choice and a better alternative than others.

Especially for industrial use, their fire-resistant nature makes them an excellent fit for many industries-primarily where heat is used.


Despite the extreme strength it offers, PC sidings are significant in terms of flexibility. If you require to bend the plastic, then you can do it easily by heating and applying pressure. When there is design work involved, this plastic can be most suitable for both strength and design factors.

How you can get the best polycarbonate sidings for your roof or greenhouses

Now that you know the benefits and advantages of PC siding, it’s time to source it for your application.

Sourcing plastic can be challenging if you’re sourcing it for the first time. Finding the right supplier is hard, but with UV Plastic, you’re in the right hands.

UVPLASTIC offers the ultimate quality twill wall/ polycarbonate sidings for industrial, commercial, or other applications.

If you require this type of plastic at an affordable cost and optimum quality. Feel free to give us a knock and we’ll help you with any information or inquiries that you might have.

How to maintain twin wall polycarbonate sheet

This blog will indicate how to maintain a polycarbonate roofing panel.


Now that you know the benefits. It’s time to take action. Before ordering, make sure you know it’s the best choice for your application. And don’t just buy any siding that you might find on the internet. Make sure you’re choosing the right brand or manufacturer and selecting the suitable material.

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate, meantime, provides machining polycarbonate service. If you need any help with this, feel free to give us a message on the chatbox and I’ll personally respond to you as soon as possible.

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