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A few years back, glass, metal, and woods were the primary materials you could use for outdoor applications. But now you have better options.

Different types of plastic materials offer all the benefits and advantages that metal, glass, and would have to offer combined. In this article, we’ll see what is the best plastic for outdoor use and why.

So without further delay, let’s jump right into it.

Plastics for Outdoor Applications

There was a time when plastic wasn’t an option. But now, for every use, we need to consider or most of the time use plastics.

As plastic grew to be a better option, especially for outdoor uses, wood and glass became less relevant and useful. The reason behind this is simple.

Wood materials don’t last well when it’s exposed to the weather. So if you’d use it out in the open, they wouldn’t ou can last more than a year.

The scenario is worse for glass. As it’s a very fragile material, even the simplest of impacts can crash the material into hundred pieces. And for out of the homes uses, it’s hazardous because of its fragile nature and vulnerability.

As the demand grew, the types of plastic in the market grew as well. Let’s see some of the most used plastic types that you can use for outdoor applications:

Polycarbonate VS Acrylic VS HDPE Plastic

  • Polycarbonate plastic was once considered only to be a plastic made for commercial uses. But today, it has a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial services.
  • Considering that you’ll need to have a sturdy and robust material for outdoor use, polycarbonate can be an excellent choice for you. It can offer more strength and impact resistance than any other plastic material. On top of that, this transparent item offers great light transmission and 100% protection for UV rays.
  • Acrylic plastic is an ideal choice when you need it to use it outside of the home. The plastic material offers great durability, UV resistance, and light transmission as well. It’s a very lightweight and easy to handle material that can be found almost anywhere and the cost is also affordable. You can use it for heavy-duty uses too. However, know that they can’t offer the extreme level of strength like polycarbonate plastic. The only catch is that using colored sheets isn’t ideal for outdoor uses. Otherwise, the material is well resistant to weather.
  • HDPE is also very well known for its ideal outdoor applications. This corrosion-resistant and durable material can be an excellent choice for outdoor parks and rides. The plastic is softer than acrylic and plastic but offers great strength too.
UV Polycarbonate Sheet

Maybe, you want to know the difference between material:

Is Polycarbonate the Best Plastic for Outdoor Use?

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you already know the strong and robust polycarbonate plastic nature. It is a plastic material that you can use as an alternative to glass, wood, or even metal.

The material is primarily engineered to offer extreme strength and durability. Compared to other plastic materials, they can be more impact resistant and have a long-lasting life.

Let’s see some of the main reason why polycarbonate can be the best choice for your out of the door application:

  • Strength: The amount of strength and sturdiness you get from this material is incredible, perfect for outdoor use;
  • Impact Resistant: Outdoor materials are often exposed to high impacts. Let it be any use of it. So the high impact resistance nature makes this plastic a perfect choice;
  • Better Light Transmission and UV Protection: if you’re using polycarbonate for greenhouses or any shelter, light transmission, and UV protection play a significant role in choosing the plastic material;
  • Weather Resistant: Materials that are used outdoors are always exposed to the weather. Polycarbonate can withstand heavy rain, sunlight, or any natural calamities as well;
  • Lightweight: Considering its strength, it is very lightweight and super easy to install. Which saves cost on transportation and installation;
Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet China
Corrugated Polycarbonate

Outdoor Applications of Plastic

Now that you know how to choose the right plastic material for your outdoor use, it’s time for me to give some ideas about the applications. So if you’re not using polycarbonate or any plastic for your outdoor applications, it’s time to rethink!


Keep your car safe from any impacts or specks of dust. It ensures that your car is cool and not exposed to sunlight or UV rays.

Tents or Glamping Domes

Polycarbonate plastic is the best material for making a tent or glamping dome for hotels and restaurants. It keeps you safe from UV rays while offering incredible light transmission.


Clear or transparent furniture looks great both indoors and outdoors. If you’re using wood or metal furniture for your rooftop or garden, try acrylic plastic chairs and see how it changes your garden/roof’s look.


In the past, glass was the only option for greenhouses. But that was never a safe and durable option. Polycarbonate beats glass greenhouses in every aspect and angle.

With better light transmission, blocking UV rays, durability, strength- polycarbonate greenhouse is by far the best option for any part of the world.


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