Everything About Bulletproof Polycarbonate Plastic

When you’re buying protective plastic or glass material, bulletproof polycarbonate is one of the finest and best materials you can choose. A standard polycarbonate can offer extreme impact resistance and strength in any application.

So, when you need to buy a transparent, thin, and reliable protective material, consider the bulletproof polycarbonate to get the best result.

Is Polycarbonate Bulletproof?

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest plastic materials available. It offers an extreme level of strength and robust nature. However, not all PC sheets can be considered bulletproof. There’s a particular grade of polycarbonate sheet that offers a ballistic impact resistance like stopping a bullet.

You should keep in mind that no material is ‘truly’ bulletproof. One material can provide better protection from bullets or any other impact than others. Still, there’s no such material that can guarantee 100% protection from any ammunition, weapons, or impact in general.

Also, if you’d like to have more protective material, you can increase the plastic’s thickness as well. It will increase the resistance and defensive ability of the material.

How Much Polycarbonate Does It Require To Stop A Bullet?

The required thickness of the polycarbonate depends on the level of protection. For level 1 protection, 0.75 inches of thickness will work just fine. But if we go higher like level 2 and 3, the thickness will be required respectively 1 inch and 1.25 inches.

So, make sure you’re certain of the protection level you require, then choose the material’s thickness accordingly.

Bulletproof polycarbonate

Available Alternatives

Although polycarbonate is one of the best choices for this kind of need, it’s not the only option. You get some other alternative to consider as well. Let’s see those:

Traditional Laminated Glass

Traditional laminated glasses are the original and oldest item as the bulletproof material. It’s made from glass and resin. The material is outdated and no longer valid for a variety of reasons.

Mainly because it is very heavy and brittle, you can’t cut it readily or drill it according to your needs, which makes it very hard to use and not so much suitable for a wide range of applications.

Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic bulletproof is very common and one of the most commonly used bulletproof plastic. Primarily used in public buildings, churches, mosques, you’ll see many bulletproof plastics in different places.

Other than these two commonly used materials, there are some other options as well. Now the question is which one is best suitable for you, right?

The acrylic sheet, or the old laminated glass one, or the polycarbonate? Check out the next section to find your answer.

Bulletproof polycarbonate panel

Polycarbonate vs Glass vs Acrylic

Comparing polycarbonate and glass, you’ll be more than happy to go with the PC materials. Glass is heavy, brittle and you can’t cut or drill it. Maybe, you need to know how to identify Polycarbonate from Acrylic and the difference between acrylic and glass.

On the other hand, you’ll get a more substantial and robust material with polycarbonate. It’s lightweight, easy to cut and drill, and suitable for any application. And it’s a more economical option as well.

Coming to the next one.

If we compare acrylic with polycarbonate, I must say acrylic is a viable option for bulletproof material. But other than being more impact resistant and robust, PC sheet has one other prominent feature. And that is, it’s softer than acrylic. So when bullets do hit the surface, it catches the bullet inside it, rather than bouncing it back, like acrylic.

What UVPLASTIC Can Provide?

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets, meantime, provides machining polycarbonate services. In 2005, UVPLASTIC built UVACRYLIC, which is a manufacturer of acrylic sheet, it is similar to polycarbonate sheet, UVACRYLIC also provides custom acrylic to global clients. Therefore, UVPLASTIC and UVACRYLIC can provide all needs in the polycarbonate and acrylic field.

Applications Of Bulletproof Plastic

Now it’s time to see the applications and uses of bulletproof plastic in real life. Is it necessary? Where do people use it? You’ll get all these answers right now.

These materials are primarily used when safety concerns, like in banks, gas stations or courtrooms, Places where you need an extra layer of security, and bulletproof plastics work really well.

Especially in cash counters or transaction windows, BP material is often used. So robbers or thieves can’t break through and make the cash box and the cashier safe from sudden attacks.

You’ll see a lot of vehicles are using this as well, especially in VIP cars. You’ll see schools are using it for their windows and doors as well. The reason is apparent.

Doors and windows in public places or schools have to resist many impacts every day. So it’s best to use high impact resistant material to be on the safe side.

If you run a convenience store or jewelry store, you’ll find it extremely useful and safe to use this type of material.

How UVPLASTIC Can Help You?

Finding a plastic manufacturer is not that hard. But when you’re looking for the best bulletproof and high-quality polycarbonate plastic manufacturer, you need to be more careful.

You’ll get a ton of products that are labeled as ‘bulletproof.’ But trust me, many of them aren’t. You need to be careful in choosing the suitable material by checking the company and the product’s specifications.

When you need to order a bulk amount of bulletproof plastic from China, this can be challenging. You need to have an inspection team to determine if the manufacturer can really produce high-quality bulletproof plastic.

Here, at UVPLASTIC, we make the process easy for you. As a leading manufacturer of plastic products for over a decade now, we’re proud to have the best team and facility for making bulletproof polycarbonate material.

Order or not, if you need any information from us, we’ll be happy to help you regarding anything.

Feel free to give us a message and I’ll personally respond to it.


Now that the guide is over and you know more, it’s time to take action. Find out if you need to add an extra layer of security in your convenience store, office, building, or vehicle.

If so, we’re always there to help. If you think you have benefited from this article, feel free to share this on social media and with your family and friends.

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