Why Plastics are Replacing the Glass

We’ve been using glass for a long time, even centuries. But in recent years, you could easily spot the paradigm shift. Yes, I am referring to the increase of plastic material being used instead of glass.

You probably have already been through the phase where you weren’t sure whether you wanted to buy plastic sheets or glass for your window or mirrors. I know I have!

The normal plastic sheet in the market, acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet, they can be manufactured to different type according to different functions. Therefore, you need to know the difference between acrylic sheets and polycarbonate sheets. and how to machine them.

These plastic sheets are used to replace glass in most areas, know the difference between glass and acrylic sheets.

And the decision was not easy. Well, now it’s easy because I know more, but back then, I had to think for a fair amount of time. I know there are a lot of you who have gone through the same. This guide will make sure you’re confident about your next shopping.

Let’s dive in:

For Home Uses

We used to have windows, doors, mirrors made out of glass in our home, right? Well, the time has changed. Now almost all of the previously mentioned products are better found in plastic.

Why are people choosing plastic for their homes instead of glass?

The answer is quite simple. You want something that lasts longer and is safe for your family. Who wants to change the windows or doors of their home every single year? Nobody, right? You want something that will last longer and is safe for your children.

Here comes the plastic! Plastic materials have a significantly longer lifespan compared to glass. One plastic material can last for ages and you don’t need to worry about replacing it every year.

Another good reason is we always want a safer alternative for our home. Especially when you have children in your home, you don’t want a window that breaks down when the ball hits it. After all, this can cause injury to your kids. A significant number of kids still get injured every year by broken glass pieces.

Clear plexiglass sheet is transparent as glass, but only half weight.

If you want a detailed guide about head-to-head comparison for your windows and mirrors, don’t forget to check out the linked articles.

For Public Places

When plastic was widely available, one of the first places it was widely used is in public places. You can see digital billboards, storefront showcases, mirrors in fashion houses- all are made out of plastic materials.


Why would anyone put their assets and the public’s health at risk by installing glass materials that can be shattered into pieces with minimal impact?

And in public places, it happens all the time. The glass might’ve been good for some other reasons, but it’s something that cannot withstand high impact or even a mild impact. And when it gets broken, it shatters into a million pieces that can cause some additional hassle and headache for you.

For Industrial Uses

Glass material is not an option for any factories or even commercial places. In manufacturing plants, plastics are used for skylights and windows.

The reason is quite apparent. Plastic materials have a better light transmission and UV resistant ability than glass, which makes them perfect for industrial use.

Also, companies don’t like to take risks with glass materials. As many people are working simultaneously, and any glass breaking incidents can cause a significant injury.

The long lifespan and cost-effectiveness of plastic material also come into play in this matter. Some plastics are more expensive than glass, but they beat glass on this too because of their longer lifespan.

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For DIY Use

When it comes to DIY use, glass is nowhere near plastic. The benefit and possibilities of using plastic in DIY use are endless.

One of the first advantages is that plastics are superior in strength. This makes them a favorite for DIY lovers because they’re safe to use and not breaks down or cracks easily. Acrylic sheets are more than 15 times and polycarbonate sheets are more than 200 times stronger than glass. Ask yourself, what would you use if you’re installing your windows or cutting the mirrors. Maybe you want to know how to cut plexiglass sheets.

Another great advantage of plastic is that it’s lightweight and easy to carry. You don’t need to hire two people to move around a plastic sheet. On top of that, plastic sheets are more comfortable to cut, polish, or make into shapes. Know how to mold acrylic sheet.

For Agricultural Use

Plastics are one of the finest choices for agricultural projects. Especially for greenhouses. Farmers use greenhouses to provide the right amount of warmth and temperature. And polycarbonate plastic is the first choice for farmers in this matter.

Farmers can’t afford to rebuild the greenhouses every year or twice a year. They need something that can last for ages. And polycarbonate sheets are perfect for this. These plastics are 250 times stronger than glass and can withstand any weather condition or calamities.

Their easy to clean, UV resistant, high strength, and better light transmission ability make them the first choice for greenhouses worldwide.

Now It’s Your Time

You’ve read what I think is the primary reason people are replacing the glass with plastic materials. Now I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. Which one do you think is the perfect material for you?

Even better, let me know which one you’ll choose for your next use. We love to hear your thoughts on that. Please use the chat option to let us know your thoughts.

Now, if you’re considering replacing all the glass windows or doors in your commercial place or want to purchase a bulk amount of plastic material, you can directly order from us. UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate in China, meantime, provides machining polycarbonate service.

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