How to Mold Acrylic Sheets

You already know the wide range of applications of acrylic sheets. Because of their DIY-friendly nature, people love to use them and make various items at home. You don’t need fancy tools or high expertise to get around with acrylic sheets.

In this guide, we’ll show you two amazing things you can do with an acrylic sheet by molding and dyeing.

So let’s dive right into it.

How to Mold Acrylic Sheets

You can mold a clear acrylic sheet and make them into various shapes and structures. And no, you don’t need to have fancy tools or prior experience. How do you do it?

Normal Tools when Molding Acrylic Sheets

  • Oven;
  • Sheet Cutter;
  • Mold Piece;
  • Marker;
  • Heat Proof Gloves;
  • Heat Gun;

Step 1: Cut into the Desired Shape

First, decide what you want to make and cut acrylic sheet accordingly. If you’re planning to make a bowl or mug, mark the sheet into the right size and then cut it. Maybe here, you want to know more about machining custom acrylic.

Step 2: Heat the Sheet

The next step is to heat your plastic sheet. You can either use your home oven or a heat gun.

If you’re using a heat gun, you’ll want to place your sheet over the mold, like your bowl or mug, and then slowly heat up the sheet by running it slowly over the surface.

You need to do this for a couple of minutes. Once the sheet temperature reaches 320F, it will become malleable and ready for molding. And if you’re using an oven, let it inside for 7-8 minutes and often check if it became pliable enough. Once you’re satisfied with the sheet’s softness, bring it out and place it over the mold.

Step 3: Press the Sheet

Once it has become pliable enough and ready to mold, you’ll want to place it over the bowl, mug, or structure you’re using as a mold. And start pressing in the center of the sheet. It will slowly begin to mold into the mold shape.

Ensure that you’re using heat-resistant gloves or potholders. Touching the sheet at this high temperature can burn your hands.

Step 4: Repeat the heating and Pressing

You might not get it right at the first pass. But that’s not a problem. Just reheat the sheet, like you previously did, and start pressing until you’re fully satisfied with the shape.

Great! Now you’ve molded your sheet into the desired shape, what now?

Yes, dyeing. You have a nicely shaped bowl in your hand. Now it’s time to make it beautiful.

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How to Dye Acrylic Sheet

Things you’ll need:

First Step: Clean the Sheet before dyeing

Before you dye the object, it’s necessary to make it clean thoroughly. Get dishwasher soap to make your object clean and remove any strains.

Second Step: Start Boiling water

Use a pressure cooker or pot and stove to boil the water. Hot water works best for this as plastic absorbs hot water better.

Third Step: Mix the Dye with Water

Add the powdered dye to the boiling water. Use a large spoon to stir and make sure the color is completely dissolved.

Fourth Step: Let the Water Cool Down a Bit

After the dye is dissolved and water is boiled enough, make the water cool down slightly. If the pot or pressure cooker is too small, pour the water into a larger bucket.

Fifth Step: Place the Sheet into the Dye

Now the most crucial step. Use the tongs to place your sheet into the dye. Move around your object into the wye to ensure it absorbs the dye evenly.

Never let the sheet touch the bottom or side surface of the pot.

Sixth Step: Dip and Rinse

Until you get the desired color, you’ll need to dip the object into the dye and rinse it with a continuous cycle. When you have the color you want, lift the plastic from the water.

You can keep the object in the dye for richer color.

Seventh Step: Let it Dry

Now that you have the desired color, you want to let it dry. Often people use lukewarm and soapy water right after dyeing. But I’ll refer you to let it dry first then use soapy water to make the finishing better.

And that’s it! By now, you should have a beautiful piece of plastic in your hand.


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