Acrylic Boxes, What About Them?

You’ve probably seen those clear plastic boxes in museums, jewelry stores, or showrooms. But what about those plastics? And more importantly, why are we talking about these boxes here?

Well, you’re going to find out everything about these acrylic boxes and the types and applications.

With that, it’s time to talk about:

The Types of Acrylic Boxes

When we talk about the types, the limit is endless. Because these plastics are extremely customizable materials. And manufacturers or DIY-ers make unique products and shapes with acrylic all the time.

However, today we’re going to see some common acrylic box types.

5 Sided Boxes

5 sided boxes are widely used for bins, pedestals for arts, cover, and display boxes for jewelry shops. You’ve seen this in jewelry shops, museums, and fashion houses as well. Another great example of this is fish aquariums.

You can find these boxes as colored or transparent as per your requirements and sizes as well.

6 Sided Boxes (With Base)

These boxes are particularly suitable for displaying arts and valuable jewelry on a stand. Unlike 5 sided boxes, these boxes don’t have an open side. Rather, they have a base at the bottom. Generally, three types of bases are used- white, black, and wooden.

Covered Boxes/ Boxes With Lids

Covered boxes are exactly like the traditional boxes. When we need to store things, these are the perfect boxes for you. Many of the covered boxes have locks and handles attached to them, that will give you the feel of using a traditional box while being extremely stylish.

Square Display Cases

These boxes are often used for displaying jewelry or antique pieces in museums or showrooms where all the walls are transparent and of similar thickness.

Ballot Boxes

These boxes are very similar to covered boxes and allow you to use them for voting ballots, suggestion boxes, or charity money collections. Especially, the demand for transparent voting ballots is very high and this can be the perfect solution for this.

Custom acrylic box

Other than the commonly used boxes, you can always make or order your own acrylic box with unique sizes, shapes, and colors, in this case, colored acrylic sheets are necessary.

Manufacturers, including UV Plastic, always experiment and make different types of acrylic boxes.

Now that we’ve seen some of the basic types of boxes, it’s time to show you some real-life examples of acrylic boxes.

Let’s jump right into it.

Real-Life Applications


The first thing that comes to my mind is the use of acrylic boxes for decorations. We use these boxes as lights, mirror boxes, and various other ways to decorate our homes. You can choose a colored acrylic sheet for it.

Small fish aquariums are a great example of 5 sided boxes. Similarly, flower vases are also trendy to decorate homes with nice and watered flowers. Other than that, we use these boxes as our kitchen cabinets and ice cubes too.

Covered boxes or boxes with lids are one of the most used boxes in our homes. Women use these boxes for their makeup and jewelry boxes. The transparency and look make it more stylish and a favorite among females.


Small transparent cardholders are very common everywhere nowadays. These boxes are made of acrylic as well. The transparent plastic tissue box is also a great application of 6-sided ballot boxes.

Ballot boxes can also be seen in public places or offices to collect user suggestions and complaints.

5-sided transparent boxes are also used as drawers and cabinets in offices. People use slim boxes as a file holder to enhance the beauty of their work table.


Acrylic boxes are perfect for shops and showrooms. Almost every shop owner uses transparent boxes to showcase the items. Shops, including jewelry, gun shops, fashion houses, bakery shops, and almost all types of shops, have these transparent boxes to showcase their items and attract customers.

Maybe you want to know clear acrylic sheet.

Museums and Art Galleries

Transparent plastic boxes are a necessity for museums and art galleries. 6-sided boxes and boxes with base are widely used two items for museums and art galleries.

The Non Glare Acrylic Sheet helps visitors see the item clearly. Also, the great strength of acrylic keeps the items safe and secure. And the surface is very easy to clean, which makes it even more favorable for showcasing.

How You Can Use This

Acrylic boxes are so widely used because of all the cool features that it has to offer. From being lightweight, easy to clean, safe, strong, and most importantly, it’s killer and stylish looks; they are unbeatable in every aspect.

When you use the acrylic sheets for acrylic boxes, maybe you will use the acrylic tubes, acrylic rod, and acrylic films for your design.

If you’re planning on decorating your office, home, or shops at a low cost and without fancy design, you can use this transparent material to reshape the interior of your place.


Now that we have talked a lot about the types and applications of the transparent material, it’s time for you to take action.

Look around you and find all the boxes and similar items, and think for a moment. It’s made out of transparent acrylic plastic. Will it increase the looks of your place?

Yes? Thought so.

If you’re interested in ordering a bulk amount of boxes for your office, shops, or museums, let us know. Here at UVPLASTIC, we can produce custom acrylic boxes that meet your custom requirements.


UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate in China. Meantime, UVPLASTIC provides designing and machining polycarbonate service. The subsidiary-UVACRYLIC, which is a leading manufacturer of acrylic sheets in China, provides custom acrylic. If you are interested in these products, please contact us!

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