PVC Tent vs VIEWSKY Bubble tent: Which one should you get for the hotel/restaurant business?

PVC tents have been one of the most used products for tents for weddings, outdoor parties, or many events. The tents are durable and look good. But when you’re considering opening a unique restaurant or hotel in a tent style, is a PVC tent the material you’re looking for?

I bet not. Because although they serve us pretty well for weddings or any events, you shouldn’t choose it for the restaurant and hotel business. In the past, that might have been okay. But there are now many superior alternatives to this material that if you go with this, your business will have a hard time surviving.

So, let’s jump into the real thing rarely quick:

Why Are We Advising Against PVC Tents for Your Hotel or Restaurant Business?

Restaurant and hotel businesses are both tough to compete in nowadays. Because of the enormous competition, you’ll need to work hard and be innovative if you want to survive in this market. Not to mention the high-quality service and value you need to provide to the customers.

And because of this, more and more new entrepreneurs are leaning toward tent or dome-style restaurants and hotels to attract people. Especially in tourist attraction areas. And it works great.

People travel to break free of the old brick and mortar homes and if you can give them something special and unique, they’ll stick to you more.

But why not PVC tents? Most people think PVC tents are easily movable and you can just put them in the warehouse when not being used. Unfortunately, that is not the case. PVC tents are heavier than you think and the more you move them around, the more they will face damages.

And the worst part is that if you keep them in the warehouse for too long, they’re going to be sticky and sometimes may become unusable. Also, it becomes yellow when exposed to the sunlight for 4-6 months, which is a major setback if you’re thinking of doing business for the long term. And the overall life expectancy is not so satisfactory either.

In addition, if you’re using it in a place where the weather conditions are rough, you’re not going to be happy with its performance. Too much rain, harsh weather conditions, or strong wind can harm the material.

VIEWSKY Bubble Tent: A Better Alternative to PVC Tents For your Business

In this section, we’re going to present you with a superior alternative to PVC tents for your hotel and restaurant business. And that is the VIEWSKY Bubble tent.

So why are we putting it on top of any other tents? How can this bubble tent help you with your business? Find out below.

Benefits For You (Business Owners)

Makes Sense

Yes, the first reason is obvious because it makes sense! Wait, that doesn’t mean that PVC tents are a no-brainer. It’s just that when you’re doing restaurant or hotel business, the VIEWSKY tent is the only option that meets all your and the customers’ demands.

One Time Investment

The VIEWSKY bubble tents are way more durable and have a much longer lifespan than any other tents in the market, making them a one-time investment for business owners. So you don’t have to invest money in buying new sets each year.

Safe and Secure

The Bubble Tents are weather-resistant and fireproof, so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged for a long time. In case of any accident or high impact, the tents can withstand anything, which will make them the most worthwhile alternative for the business.

In addition, if you’re using it in a location where the weather is very rough and harsh, you can use it confidently. The tents can withstand very high impacts and still standstill. It also ensures safety for the customer inside it, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Attractive for the Visitors

The transparent bubble tents look very attractive to the customers. Because when people travel, they want to have a nice view from the balcony or their bedroom.

And if they can stay inside a transparent and safe tent so they can enjoy everything while being on the bed, it will give them a solid reason to book your tent.

Helps with Your Marketing

The VIEWSKY bubble tents are growing in demand but still are a unique innovation as of this day. So if you can grab these, it will automatically do your marketing and the words will spread.

Benefits For the Customers


The tents are highly enjoyable for people of all ages. No matter if you’re using it for restaurants or hotels, your customers will love to spend some time inside of your dome.


This is a vital aspect of the restaurant and hotel business. The bubble tents give ultimate privacy to the customers. So even if you have less space and put the tents closer to each other, it won’t disturb the customers’ privacy.


The comfort inside the tents is immense. If the customers want, they can adjust the sunlight by using a curtain. In addition, an air controlling system is installed with the tents, so it becomes more comfortable for the people who are inside them.

Amazing Experience

Finally, people travel or take a vacation for a relaxing time and to have an experience. These bubble tents will give your customers the desired experience that they seek. SO if you’re looking to provide some extra value to the customers to stand out, this can be the perfect choice for you.

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In today’s age, every business has enormous competition., And to survive in this digital era, we need to think outside of the box.

If you’re thinking of starting a new restaurant or hotel business in your area, look around your city. All are doing the same conventional style business, renting out a  floor and starting their hotel and business. So how do you stand out? Why should people choose you instead of your competitors?

Find out these answers before you start the business and you’ll find it easy to manage the business and make a profit in the long run.

And if you’re wondering how to get the best VIEWSKY bubble tents at an affordable price that you and your customers will love, you’re in the right place. UV PLASTIC is the pioneer in manufacturing quality bubble tents all over the world.

So if you’re looking to save money while getting superior quality tent sets, get in touch with us now!

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