VIEWSKY Clear Bubble Tent

Redefine Bubble Tent For Looking Up At Starry Sky

VIEWSKY clear bubble tent is the latest living and restaurant tent, developed by UVPLASTIC, for scenic resort hotels, star-rated hotels, homestay hotels, private villas. You can sleep inside and enjoy the starry or memorable dinner on a wonderful night.

Unlike inflatable PVC bubble tent, VIEWSKY clear bubble tents are made of the clear polycarbonate sheets, which is used normally for police riot shields and bullet-proof glasses as the unparalleled strength and durability. Therefore, it protects you from sudden terrible weather like hurricane, rainstorm, heavy snow, etc.

UVPLASTIC provides VIEWSKY clear bubble tents with a variety of diameters, including 6 m, 5 m, 4 m, 3 m, 2.5 m, and the custom sizes according to your requirements. They are also combined for a certain function.

Main Benefits

  • 360°transparent, helps you close to nature and delight in the splendid views;
  • Stable and safe, by using polycarbonate, which is 250 times stronger than glass;
  • Comfortable, the UV coating on the surface can block more than 99% ultraviolet rays, the curtain system can be adjusted automatically;
  • Excellent flame retardance;
  • All season, polycarbonate can be used between -40℃ with 120℃;
  • Longer lifespan, the UV coating helps polycarbonate keep clear for over 10 years;
  • Waterproof and dampproof;
  • Modular Design and easy to install;
  • Custom clear bubble tents are available;

Standard Clear Bubble Tents






ModelDiameter (m)Height (m)Floor Area (Square Meters)Suggested Application
UV-SKY-3032.456.2Dining room, bathroom
UV-SKY-4043.211.3Bedroom, dining room, bathroom
UV-SKY-5053.518Bedroom with bathroom
UV-SKY-6063.526.4Bedroom with bathroom

Frequently Asked Questions

The main material is clear polycarbonate sheets, which is 250 times stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable. The whole clear bubble tent is separated into independent parts, which is thermoformed to a certain shape.

Yes, you can install the curtain system on the aluminum frame, you can tell our engineer, and we will install the holders of the curtain system. Normally, VIEWSKY Bubble Tent doesn’t the curtain system. If you really need it, please tell the sales manager in advance. Please see the following video for the automatic curtain system.

The air conditioner can be installed in a clear bubble tent to decrease temperature.

The air source will be needed for the PVC bubble tent, but it isn’t needed for the polycarbonate bubble tent. Otherwise, polycarbonate bubble offers higher flame retardance, the lifespan will be more than 10 years. Polycarbonate bubble tent offers excellent impact resistance.

You can install a beautiful curtain, air conditioner, light, bathroom, bathtub inside.

No, unlike PVC inflatable bubble tent, it isn’t needed to inflate VIEWSKY clear bubble tent, therefore, there isn’t any noise when using.

Yes, it is. VIEWSKY clear bubble tent is made of high quality polycarbonate sheets, which can withstand the most terrible weather, such as a hurricane, hailstone, rainstorm, hailstone, heavy snowfall, etc.

The surface of the clear bubble tent was coated with the UV protective layer, therefore, it won’t yellow within over 10 years.

  1.  Using lukewarm water with pressure to spray on the surface of clear bubble tent;
  2. Using the soft cloth or sponge with mild soap and water to rub clear bubble tent, NEVER use scrub or brushes or squeegees or you will break the UV coating layer;
  3. Using lukewarm water with pressure to clean the lather on the surface;
  4. Using the clear soft cloth to remove the water from the surface of clear bubble tent;

The standard VIEWSKY bubble tent can withstand force 6 wind. You need choose an aluminum frame for a country of wind.

Yes, we have experienced engineers, who can design a custom polycarbonate bubble tent according to your requirement.

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