Roof Top Tent – the Ultimate Guide

Adventure is a treatment of souls that ensures inner peace. Camping is one of the best ways of going on an adventure with family or friends. To make the experience memorable, we need to plan everything perfectly. That includes the location selection, campfire, meals and snacks, and a comfortable sleeping bed.

A rooftop tent provides all the facilities even more like traditional tents. Here we will talk about how a rooftop tent can change the whole camping experience with comfortability and safety.

What Is a Rooftop Tent?

A rooftop tent or RTT is a modern camping tent that is mounted to a four-wheeler vehicle. The term RTT was first introduced to the world in the 1930s. After that time, this innovation completely changed the camping experience.

However, a rooftop tent is a set of accessories that includes a bed and a comfortable environment for sound sleeping. It is mounted on the top of a vehicle with the help of the roof rack. So, you can avoid uneven and muddy ground during camping.

The design and other criteria of this tent depend on many things including the vehicle design and climate of the area. Overall, the rooftop tent or the RTT is the future of a comfortable camping experience.

Why Should You Buy a Rooftop Tent?

The Rooftop tent has some mind-blowing benefits and features. Here are some non-negotiable reasons why we should buy a rooftop tent.

Quick Setup and Packing

Unlike other traditional tents, rooftop tents are easy to set up and pack. It is a kind of automatic system that needs a little human help. In that case, ground-compatible tents need to manage poles and other things to install properly. That takes plenty of time and shortens the enjoyment of camping.

On the other hand, the rooftop tent needs up to 5 minutes to fully install. That not only reduces time but also increases the camping time. Most RTTs have built-in mattresses and pillows, so you can just get in and lie down. In addition, those tents have multiple automatic operations for installation and packing. That means you don’t have to invest more time to pack the tent before relocation.

Off-the-Ground Camping Enhanced Safety

Camping is an awesome way of enjoying a holiday or quality time. It connects us with nature and the root. That’s why camping in nature like forests, hills, and countryside become popular among all people. However, it is a brave decision to camp in the wild alone or with a group.

Because camping in the wild has some safety consequences. Though a strong tent might help in some cases. But above-ground tents are the most efficient solution. The rooftop tents are more reliable than ground tents for better safety and comfort.

Cooler Sleeping Environment

If you have ever experienced the treehouse then you will understand the concept of a rooftop tent. It is similar to a treehouse with better comfort and security. Unlike ground tents, rooftop tents have a wide range of ventilation facilities. Even some RTTs have built-in sky panels to see the sky from inside the tent.

On the other hand, it is suitable for all kinds of weather. Especially in the hot summer, the rooftop tent provides a cooler experience than traditional camping tents. It also comes in a comfortable mattress that ensures comfy sleep. Above all, RTT provides the necessary features to experience a comfortable stay during any season.

Unique Camping Experience

Traditional ground tents have so many limitations. As they stand on the ground, they are not suitable for the rainy season. On the other hand, a rooftop tent remains on the roof of a vehicle so it doesn’t get affected by mud and wetness. So, the pre-built mattress always remains dry and ensures healthy and sound sleep.

On the other hand, the RTT has wide access to the view of the surroundings. So, along with watching the sky, you can experience comfortable sightseeing. Besides all of the benefits, a rooftop tent provides easy installation and packing, comfortable and even ground, extra storage facility, etc.

Hardshell vs Soft Shell Rooftop Tents

Here is a comprehensive difference between hard-shell and soft-shell rooftop tents.

Soft Shell

Softshell RTT is the most common and inexpensive tent. It comes with a flexible fabric exterior with a soft cover. These types of tents can be folded up to 180 degrees. The manufacturing of this tent with light elements and fabrics made it lightweight. Soft shell tents are also super easy to install on vehicle rooftops. Usually, soft-shell tents are made for a total of four seasons. You can extend the lifespan of this type of tent by lighter uses like fewer uses.

Hard Shell

Hard shell rooftop tents are also known as champshell tents. It comes with a suitcase appearance that is made of fiberglass. It is also manufactured with aluminum or plastic materials that are available in a rectangular box or a hybrid expandable model box.

However, hard shell RTTs are more expensive than soft shells. On the other hand, they are more compact, easy, and fast-forwarding than soft shells. In addition, they also last longer and are compatible for all seasons. Therefore, a hard shell tent opens about 45 degrees in both directions. So, it might open in a triangle shape but the insight height and width expand to its proper limit.

How to Choose a Rooftop Tank Before Buying

Here are some important factors that you have to consider before buying a rooftop tent.


The main reason for buying a rooftop tent is the ventilation. It creates a huge impact during spending time inside the tent. So, before buying a tent you must consider checking how much airflow it maintains.


Excessive weight of the tent will cause several difficulties and that will reduce the comfort of the camping. So, consider the tent’s weight and buy according to the instructions of your vehicle about how much the roof can carry.

Internal Space

Efficient space management is the key to better tent manufacturing. So, you can make your tent buying experience a better investment depending on the internal space facility. The more the tent promises space the better.

Mattress Quality

Mattress quality is also one of the essential factors that need more focus. Because mattress quality and thickness ensure the comfortability of a good night’s sleep.


The price of a tent varies on many things including, tent type, mattress quality, tent manufacturing material, size, and weight. So, the lower-grade tent will have below quality manufacturing and the price will be low. On the other hand, the price will increase according to the tent material grade and quality.

Vehicle Compatibility

The rooftop tent has a wide range of vehicle compatibility. Considering the growing need for camping facilities, the manufacturer is making vehicles that are compatible with rooftop tents. All the vehicles below mentioned are the best for mounting rooftop tents.

  • SUV or Off-roaders
  • Vans
  • Campers
  • Pic-ups
  • Combi cars

Final Thoughts

The RTT is a next-generation camping equipment that is catching the limelight. This ultimate guide covers all the necessary information regarding the best way of rooftop tenting. UVPLASTIC is a leading supplier of hard shell roof top tents in China. If you are interested in RTT, contact us, now!

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