How to Clean Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate is a well-known material for its strength, transparency, and wide variety of applications. It is used worldwide for various applications and uses in residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

One of the most significant advantages of polycarbonate panels is the lifespan and durability of this material. You can use a PC panel for around 10-15 years without any issues. In addition, their high weather-resistant and impact-resistant ability lets you use them for quite a long time.

However, as a user, you need to clear and maintain the PC panels from time to time to ensure their effectiveness. If you’re a glass user and new to polycarbonate plastic, you might be thinking that as it looks like glass material, the cleaning procedure would be the same. And, you would be wrong!

The cleaning process of these plastics is very different from glass and they respond differently from glass cleaners. But that doesn’t mean cleaning polycarbonate sheets is a hard thing to do. Not really!

Today in this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about cleaning a polycarbonate sheet properly. So let’s begin.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Warm Water
  • A Bucket for smaller panels and a power washer for larger panels.
  • Mild soap
  • Soft Cloth

Things You’ll Need to Avoid:

  • Avoid using highly alkaline cleaners, abrasive or harsh chemicals, or solvents.
  • Avoid the use of harsh sponges or brushes.
  • Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight.
  • Do not use a power washer if your panel has UV protection on it.

Now that you have a clear idea of what you’ll need and the things you’ll need to watch out for, it’s time to start the cleaning.

Cleaning Procedure for Polycarbonate Panels (Small Panels)

  • Get a bucket full of lukewarm water and rinse the plastic panel first. Next, look out for any debris on the panel and let them soak in the water thoroughly. After that, pick out any dried debris you can find to ensure no scratches are left on the sheet.
  • Next, use mild soap and warm water and clean with a soft cloth or hand to wash off any dirt.
  • Don’t forget to change the water in the bucket to avoid using any dirty or cloudy water on the surface again. It can cause scratches to the panel.
  • Finally, rinse the panel with clean water for the last time and make sure there is debris or dirt left on the surface.
  • If you don’t want to leave any watermarks on the panel, it’s good practice to wipe off the water with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Procedure for Polycarbonate Panels (Larger Panels)

  • Rather than a bucket, here you’ll need a power washer to clean the surface. The max power of this should be no more than 1,450psi.
  • Test the water pressure by applying it to a small part, preferably in the corner.
  • Don’t add additives or chemicals to the steam; instead, use mild soap before washing with clean water.
  • Finally, apply water pressure again to the whole surface and clean off the soap, dirt, and debris.

What is the Proper Cleaner for Polycarbonate Sheets?

You could find many cleaners that are highly compatible and good for your polycarbonate sheets. But to be on the safest side, you should always ask your manufacturer or supplier this question.

Because there are many different PC sheets available in the market and based on your particular sheet, your manufacturer can recommend the perfect cleaner for you.

If you already have a cleaner and are unsure if it’s safe for the sheet or not, don’t apply it just now. Instead, check the manufacturer’s website or get in touch with them to know the approved list of cleaners for your sheet.

Why Does Polycarbonate Turn Yellow Over Time?

There could be several reasons why your polycarbonate sheet has turned yellow. One of them is UV rays. So when you’re using the panels out in the sunlight and it doesn’t have UV protection layers, they can turn yellow and fade.

To avoid that, choose UV-protected PC sheets if you plan to use them out in direct sunlight. However, even with UV protection on, the color can fade after several years.

Another reason for turning yellow is when it gets used for many years without proper cleaning and maintenance. To avoid that, we suggest that you clean your plastic sheets frequently for better performance.

How Often Should You Clean Your PC Sheet?

There is not simple answer to this. Based on your panel type and how and where you use it, you need to clean them. For example, suppose you’re using polycarbonate inside a home or building. In that case, that might not require more regular cleaning than it would need when using a roofing panel.

In this case, we suggest again that while buying, consult with your manufacturer or supplier about the frequency of cleaning this material.


Now that you have a better understanding of cleaning your polycarbonate panels, you can try and do it yourself. Remember, polycarbonate is a highly robust material with high durability and quite a long lifespan. However, for better performance and an extended lifespan, you should clean and maintain them properly.

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