Clear Kayak

Clear Kayak

Clear kayak also called as “clear canoe” or “clear bottom kayak”, the main material is high-quality polycarbonate sheets, which is the same with riot shields, therefore, it offers great transparency and high impact resistance. The quality is much better than the inflatable kayak.
UVPLASTIC is one of the leading manufacturers of the clear kayak in China, with the one-step molding technology and excellent coating technology, UVPLASTIC clear kayak has the eye-catching appearance, light-weight, and strong hull. Meantime, UVPLASTIC offers the custom clear kayak/canoe in your LOGO, hull color, paddle type and color, seat material, size, etc.

Tell us your requirement for clear kayak, our engineer will provide full support.

Product NameTwo people Clear Kayak
Size330x88x33 cm
Kayak Weight25 kg
Weight Capacity200 kg (2 people)
Hull MaterialPolycarbonate
Paddlers2 pcs
Puncture Proof Flotation2 pcs
Seat1 pc
UsageFishing, Water fun


  • With the clear bottom, you can discover the underwater world;
  • High-quality polycarbonate material offers really strong hull;
  • Excellent coating technology makes the longer lifespan of the clear kayak;
  • Custom design service meets your high requirements for the clear kayak;
  • More than 15 years of experience, UVPLASTIC knows well about polycarbonate kayak;

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