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UVFAC Acrylic Film Introduction

Acrylic Film offers outstanding transparency, great toughness, incomparable UV resistance & weatherability, Otherwise, the acrylic film is suitable for heat-molding and lamination processing. Therefore, it is the best material for automobile interior, retro-reflective material, sanitary products, it is also used in the field of optical engineering. UVTAC is the family code of UVPLASTIC Acrylic Film products, which is extruded by the modified thermoplastic acrylic resin. The standard thickness is 0.075mm, the standard width is 1280mm, it is packaged as rolls with 1000 meters for easy delivery.

Main Benefits Of Acrylic Film

High transparency

UVTAC Acrylic Film offers excellent optical property, the light transmittance is more than 92% and low Haze value.

Good flexibility and crease resistance

UVTAC Acrylic Film is a very flexible plastic film with impact toughness, the tensile strength is more than 35 MPa.

Great weatherability

Acrylic has inherent UV resistance & weatherability, UVTAC Acrylic Film keeps clear over a long time.

Easy processing

UVTAC Acrylic Film offers really great processing performance, it can be laminated under high temperature with other materials, such as polycarbonates, ABS, PVC, Etc.

Different Color Options

UVPLASTIC can provide acrylic film with different colors besides transparency, such as Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.

Good film surface, very little fisheye

No crease White

You can’t find the crease white after twisting transparent acrylic film.

Product Specification

Products Range

UVTAC-00Acrylic Film Without Protective Films
UVTAC-01Normal Protective Film On One Side
UVTAC-11Normal Protective Films On One Sides
UVTAC-02High-Temperature Protective Film On One Side
UVTAC-12Normal Protective Film On One Side, High-Temperature Protective Film On Another Side
UVTAC-22High-Temperature Protective Films On Two Sides

Colors Options

ItemColors Options
Acrylic FilmTransparent, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green

Standard Size


physical properties

Tensile Strength (lengthways, Transverse)Mpa≥35
Thermal Shrinkage (lengthways, Transverse)
70℃x30 Minutes
Light Transmittance%≥92


Crystal Point 0.5mm<DN<0.64mmpc/sqm≤1
Crystal Point DN<0.5mm, Height<0.01mmpc/sqm≤8
Streak No
Piece-ups No
fragment No
Fisheye No
Blinster No
Flexibility (Transparent Acrylic Film) No Crease White

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Frequently Asked Question

The standard thickness of UVTAC Acrylic Films is 0.075mm, tolerance is 0.008mm.

The Max. Width is 1280mm, but we can provide custom width accroding to clients requirement.

It depends on our inventory. If we have products in our warehouse, you can ignore MOQ. Normally, we have inventory for normal size.

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