Acrylic Block

Product Description

Acrylic Block is a cast acrylic sheet with thickness up to 250mm(10”), some people call it “solid acrylic block” or “clear acrylic block”. It is totally clear, lightweight, high strength and is easily cut, bent, drilled, shaped, and thermoformed into various shapes. With the polishing surface, it is a great way to display fossils, jewelry, merchandise, etc.

Max. Length is up to 9000mm (29.5ft), Max. Width is up to 3000mm (9.8ft), therefore, acrylic blocks are the best material for a large aquarium and rooftop swimming pool, etc.

Product Specification

Acrylic BlockUVAC-BLFrom 50mm(1.96″) to 250mm(10″)Max. Length: 9000 mm;
Max. Width: 3000 mm;
Clear, colored

The thickness can be customized between 10mm(0.03″) to 250mm(10″);

Key Feature

  • High quality, no bubbles inside;
  • Optical clarity and environmentally friendly;
  • Natural UV protective layer can be used for both indoor and outdoor;
  • Can be thermoformed easily for complex shapes;
  • Good dimensional stability;

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Frequently Asked Question

Acrylic block can be used for large aquarium and top roofing swimming pool, it can offer excellent impact resistance and great light transmittance.

Acrylic block is manufactured through cast process because of the thickness, but clear acrylic sheet can be manufactured by cast process and extruded process.

You need to use a special saw machine to cut the block acrylic sheet. Click HERE to know more detail.

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