Acrylic Diffuser Sheet

Product Introduction

Acrylic Diffuser Sheet is designed and manufactured specifically with the superior optical properties, it offers excellent lighting diffusion, even light distribution without dizzy light nor LED light hotspots appearing. Some people call it “acrylic lighting diffuser” or “acrylic diffuser“.

The normal color is white/opal, but it is also suitable for use with different colored LED lighting systems. Acrylic diffuser offers better design flexibility and outstanding formability. Therefore, Acrylic Diffuser Sheet is the right material for LED lighting fixtures for commercial use, POP displays, and backlit signs.

Product Specification

Acrylic Standard acrylic Diffuser Sheet

NameModelThicknessSize (mm)
Acrylic Diffuser SheetUVAC-DI1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 3mm, 4 mm1220×1830, 1220×2440


  • All sheet sizes are standard for choosing easily;
  • Custom acrylic sheets are available upon request, subject to a minimum order.
  • Thickness tolerance is typical +/- 10% of the overall thickness of the acrylic sheet, which is normal for cast acrylic sheet;
  • Give us your cut-to-size dimensions, we will cut it by a laser cutting machine and saw cutting machine to your exact size;
  • Excellent diffusion properties and even light diffusion;
  • Energy-saving and Environmentally friendly;
  • Natural UV protective layer can be used for both indoor and outdoor;
  • Working with color bulbs for different color appearance;
  • Can be thermoformed for complex shapes;
  • Great balance between cost and practicability;
  • Good dimensional stability;
  • Resistance to weathering and aging;
  • Resistance to heat and chemicals;
  • Lightbox signage systems;
  • Exhibitions display and POP display;
  • Ceiling lighting tiles;
  • Light fittings;

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Frequently Asked Question

Most acrylic diffuser sheet is manufactured by the extrusion process.

Acrylic diffuser sheet offers great light transmission plus UV resistance, it is used for LED and fluorescent light diffusion. The acrylic diffuser is break-resistant and easy to cut-to-size, can reduce glare, provide pinpoint brightness and enhance visual comfort.

Although the acrylic diffuser sheet and clear acrylic sheet offer the same physical properties, they are used for different applications, for example, the acrylic diffuser sheet is used as the cover of LED light, it helps to get more comfortable and softer light. But the clear acrylic sheet is clear like glass, it used for POP display, some boxes, and outdoor signs, etc.

Otherwise, acrylic diffuser sheet is more expensive than clear acrylic sheet.

The LED diffuser panels are components in screen backlights, which can distribute the light from LED evenly, you can get a comfortable and soft light. The surface can be a translucent or frosted panel, placed in the path of a source of light to reduce the sharpness of shadows and thus soften the lighting.

Yes, UVPLASTIC can provide Acrylic Diffuser Sheet With Custom Size And Shape. Otherwise, we can design it according to requirement from clients.

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