Colored Acrylic&Plexiglass Sheet

Product Introduction

UVPLASTIC Colored Acrylic Sheets offer a large number of color options, including transparent, translucence, and opaque colors. Some people call it “Colored Plexiglass Sheet“.

Frosted or textured surfaces are available, it provides colored acrylic sheets with privacy and function of anti fingerprints, anti smudges, and scratch resistance.

Therefore, colored acrylic sheet is the creative alternative to glass, which offers more eye-catching effect and more impact resistance. Meantime, it offers better processability, it can be manufactured to any shapes by cutting, drilling, engraving, milling, polishing, thermoforming, etc.

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of tinted and colored acrylic sheet, we provide not only more than 60 color options but also the custom colors.

Product Specification

Colored Acrylic Sheets With Standard Size

Product NameModelThicknessSize (mm)
Colored Acrylic SheetUVAC-COFrom 2 mm to 50 mm1220 x 2440, 3000 x 2000


  • All sheet sizes are standard for choosing easily;
  • Custom acrylic sheets are available upon request, subject to a minimum order.
  • Thickness tolerance is typical +/- 10% of the overall thickness of the acrylic sheet, which is normal for cast acrylic sheet;
  • Give us your cut-to-size dimensions, we will cut it by a laser cutting machine and saw cutting machine to your exact size;

Colors Range


  • Custom colors are available;
  • All colors are standard for choosing easily;
  • Actual colors may differ from colors on the images due to photography, camera, and lighting conditions;
Density (clear acrylic)g/cm^31.19
Tensile StrengthMpa>65
Tension Modulus of ElasticityMpa>3000
Charpy impact strength (unnotched)KJ/m^2>15
Tensile Strain at break%>4
Flexural strengthMpa100 to 115
Charpy impact strength (unnotched)KJ/m^2>17
Vicat softening temperature°C>105
Dimensional change on heating (shrinkage)%<2.5
Total luminous transmittance%>90
Rockwell hardness 100 to 115
Linear expansion coefficientK^ -17×10^-5
Temperature of deflection under load°C95 to 100
Light transmittance%>90


  • The properties shown by the above table are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only.
  • They are NOT used for design specifications.
  • Approximately half the weight of glass but stronger;
  • Break-resistant and impact-resistant;
  • Can be recyclable, it is an environment friendly plastic sheets;
  • Easy to fabricate, machine, and thermoform;
  • Good dimensional stability;
  • Excellent weather ability and durable;
  • Resistance to heat and chemicals;
  • Architectural glazing, skylights;
  • Indoor and outdoor PMMA signs;
  • Aquariums and fishes tank;
  • Acrylic POP displays and exhibits;
  • Acrylic shelves and retail fixtures;
  • Acrylic shower walls and home decoration;

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, UVAC-CO colored acrylic family offers more than 60 colors, but we can provide custom colors for all requirements from global clients. Otherwise, we can provide the acrylic sample with custom colors.

Yes, UVPLASTIC can provide acrylic samples with a custom color, but the price is about 40 or 50 USD for it. Otherwise, clients need to pay the logistic cost.

They are the same things, but different names by different people.

Yes, UVPLASTIC can manufacture acrylic furniture including the acrylic chair, acrylic table by using colored acrylic sheets.

Yes, UVPLASTIC has the color code from all standard colors, just tell us the color code. if you can’t find the color that you want, we can provide custom color.

Yes, we can. The standard size is 1220x2440mm, 2000x3000mm.

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