UVAC-MI Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic Mirror Sheet is the ideal alternative to a glass mirror, meantime it offers more flexibility, higher shatter resistance, lighter weight, and excellent impact strength. Otherwise, Acrylic Mirror Sheet can be easily cut, bent, drilled, shaped, and thermoformed into various shapes.

Therefore, Acrylic Mirror Sheet is the best material in environments where safety is paramount, for example, gyms mirror, dance studios and child-safe mirrors in playrooms.

Product Specification

Standard Size

Product NameModelThickness (mm)Standard Size (mm)Standard Size (ft)
Acrylic Mirror SheetUVAC-MI0.8mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm1220×1830, 1220×24404×6, 4×8
  • Acrylic fabrication service is available;
  • Acrylic cut to size is available;
  • Max. Width is 1300mm;
  • Available Colors: Clear, yellow, green, purple, blue;
  • Acrylic Mirror Sheet offers the same strength of acrylic sheet;

Colors Options

  • Greater strength and more flexible than glass mirror;
  • Acrylic mirror sheets are easy to machine and fabricate into shapes;
  • Acrylic mirror is lightweight and easy to handle and install even in larger sheets;
  • Excellent reflective surface, but more colors are available;
  • More affordable than glass mirrors, so it’s an economical choice;
  • More cost-effective, and affordable than glass mirrors;
  • Good resistant to weather, and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications;
  • Gymnasium;
  • Dance studios;
  • Child-safe mirrors in playrooms;
  • Retail displays;
  • Home decoration, such as bedrooms, bathroom;

Frequently Asked Question

They are totally different mirrors. It is very easy to broke the glass mirror, but hard to bend and drill a hole. Acrylic mirrors are more flexible and offer excellent impact resistance, it is to bend and drill a hole.

Want to know more about difference between acrylic mirror and glass mirror.

Normally, the standard acrylic mirror offers a two-way mirror.

Yes, we can provide custom color according to clients’ requirement.

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