Plastic Bending

Most plastic sheets are bendable, and the bending process is high cost-effective and easy way to fabricate acrylic/plexiglass sheets and polycarbonate sheets with a certain angle.

UVPLASTIC aims to be a one-stop supplier and solution provider in the plastic field for global clients. With more than 25 years of fabrication service in the plastic field, UVPLATIC can offer perfect bending fabrication including Heat Bending and Cold Bending.

Heat Bending

Heat bending process has high requirements for temperature and processing time, but it offers the precise angle, smooth surface for your applications. This bending process is suitable for acrylic/plexiglass sheets and thicker polycarbonate sheets.

Cold Bending

Cold bending is a more efficient fabrication way than hot bending, it is suitable for the thin polycarbonate sheets only. This bending process has a high requirement for polycarbonate sheets. 

V-groove Bending

V-Groove bending is one of the best bending methods to bend the thicker polycarbonate sheets. Sometimes, the strengthening rib will be needed for large plastic parts.

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