UVPLASTIC continues to invest in precision cutting technology to meet the cut-to-size needs of global clients. Today, we have advanced cutting machines including saw cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, die-cutting machines, laser cutting machines, engraving machines, and Five-axis engraving machines is coming. Our engineers with more than 10 years of experience will help to find the best solution for your need for plastic parts. Please send your CAD drawings/blueprints for quotation, we will serve you from prototype to large-scale production.

Our Advantage

  • Thickness range from 0.02mm to 25mm (0.001” to 1”);
  • Width and Length up to 5m (196”);
  • Cutting tolerance within ±0.05mm (±0.002″);
  • Smooth, chip-free edges without secondary machining;
  • Competitive cost;
  • Fast prototype building;
  • Using CAD and Solidworks to find the best solution for your plastic parts;
  • Five-axis engraving machine is coming.

What cutting services we can provide?

  • Plastic cut to size;
  • Custom cutting plastic service;
  • Die-cutting plastic service;
  • Routing plastic service;
  • Laser cutting service;

What materials we can cut?

  • Polycarbonate sheet;
  • Acrylic sheet;
  • PVC sheet;
  • ABS;
  • And more.

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