Abrasion-Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet

Product Description

Hard coated polycarbonate sheet is an enhanced polycarbonate sheet in the hardness of one or two surfaces. It can increase the surface hardness for 2-3 levels than the general use of polycarbonate sheets. The lifespan will be increased highly under the abrasion environment.

Hard coated polycarbonate sheet offers excellent performances in abrasion, anti-scratch, and chemical resistance. Therefore, It is called an “abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet and scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheet”.

Meantime, hard-coated polycarbonate sheet offers excellent optical clarity, therefore it is very effective for the good visibility for some application, like motorcycle windshield, machinery safety shield, polycarbonate face shield, and eye protection equipment, window with bullet-proof function in the bank, outdoor signs, specialty vehicle glazing, etc.

Product Specification

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm915mm, 1000mm, 1220mm, 2100mm1000mm, 1220mm, 2400mm, 5800mm
4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm1000mm, 1220mm, 2100mm2400mm, 5800mm
9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm1220mm, 2100mm2400mm, 5800mm


UVFPC-HCHard coated on both sides, stabilized UV protective layer for general purpose
UVFPC-HC-U1Hard coated on both sides, co-extruded UV protective layer on the external surface for outdoor application
UVFPC-HC-U1AHard coated on both sides, co-extruded UV protective layer on the internal surface, anti-condensation treatment on the external surface for outdoor application
UVPC-HC-U2Hard coated on both sides, co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides for outdoor application
Physical PropertiesTest ConditionStandard ValueUnitTest standard
Density1.2g/cm3ISO 1183
Pencil Hardness1000 gHB~HASTM D3363
Abrasion Resistance0000# steel wool, with 250 g/cm2 pressure, 5 cm stroke reciprocating for 25 timesNo Damage
Hot Water Resistance80°C (hot water) × 10 minNo Change
Moisture Resistance70°C × 80% RH × 48hNo Change
Heat Resistance80°C×40minNo Change
Low Temperature Resistance-30°C×10hNo Change
Cold & Heat Cycle TestFrom -30°C to 23°C (9h)No Change
AdhesionCross-hatching test 3M tape  (5 times) No Detaching
Tensile Strength60MPaISO 527
Flexural Strength85MPaISO 178
Ethanol Resistance,
Weak Acid Resistance  (0.5%)
Salt Water Resistance
Coated sample hardening layer wiped with absorbent cotton ball fully immersed in test solution, then sealed with PE film, left   at room temperature for 24 h, rinsed with water, then observation.No Change
Haze<0.5%ASTM D1003
Transmittance≥90%ASTM D1003

Default third-party testing organization is SGS

Color Description

TypeColors Description
TransparentClear, Brown, Bronze, Gary, Red, Blue, Lighter Blue, Green, Lighter Green
TranslucentBlack, White Opal, White Diffuser, Yellow, Red, Mint Green, White Opal
OpaqueBlack, White Opal, Yellow, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Grey, Dark Brown

Motorcycle windshield;

Machinery safety shield;

Eye and face protection equipment;

Bullet-proof glass;


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