Polycarbonate Diffuser Sheet

Product Description

Polycarbonate diffuser sheet is an efficient and excellent light diffusion sheet, which is mainly used as the cover of the LED light. Polycarbonate diffuser sheets can scatter light spots equably on the surface, then, you can get soft and comfortable light rays. Polycarbonate diffuser sheet also is known as “led light diffuser”, “polycarbonate diffuser” and “plastic light diffuser”.

UVPLASTIC has developed opal and colored polycarbonate diffuser sheets, and matte surface polycarbonate LED diffuser, texture polycarbonate diffuser. The thickness ranges from 1.5mm to 6mm. Otherwise, UVPLASTIC can provide polycarbonate diffuser sheets with customized colors, customized sizes, and customized shapes.

Product Specification

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)
1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm915mm, 1000mm, 1220mm, 2100mm1000mm, 2400mm, 5800mm
4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm1220mm, 2100mm2400mm, 5800mm


TypeColors Description
ColorWhite, Opal

Custom colors are available;

Physical PropertiesTesting MethodUnitValue
Specific GravityD-792g/cm31.2
Water Absorbing Capacity0.3%ASTM D570
Mechanical PropertyTesting MethodUnitValue
Elongation at BreakD-638%>100
Coefficient of Linear Thermal ExpansionD-696mm/m °C0.065
Tensile Modulus of ElasticityD-638MPa2400
Flexural StrengthD-790MPa100
Thermal ConductivityC-177W/m K0.21
Tensile Strength at YieldD-638Mpa or N/mm²>60
Tensile Strength at BreakD-638MPa or N/mm²>65
Deflection Temperature (264 psi load)ASTM D648°F/°C275/135
Vicat Softening PointASTM D1525°F/°C284/140
Maximum Continuous Service Temperature°F/°C190/87
Maximum Discontinuous Service Temperature°F/°C210/98
Light transmittanceD-1003%65-85

Testing Method Notes:

  • Default third-party testing organization is SGS;
  • Other testing methods are acceptable besides ASTM standard;
UVFPC-DIStabilized UV protective layer for general purpose
UVFPC-DI-U1Co-extruded UV protective layer on one side for outdoor application
UVFPC-DI-U1ACo-extruded UV protective layer on outside,  anti-condensation treatment on inside for outdoor application
UVFPC-DI-U2Co-extruded UV protective layer on both sides for outdoor application
  • Lighting fixtures;
  • Commercial lighting;
  • Machine vision systems;
  • LED light cover;
  • Billboard or advertisement board;
  • Lamp diffuser cover;
  • DIY light diffuser;

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