Best Polycarbonate LED Diffuser Film

Product Description

UVTPC-DI Polycarbonate LED Diffuser Film helps to get soft and comfortable light as the high haze and light transmittance. Meantime, it offers excellent impact resistance, good flame retardant property, and dimensional stability in a large temperature from -40 °C to 120 °C.

Therefore, it is the right material for the LED lamp, LED sign, architectural lighting system, elevator lighting system, railcar lighting system, etc. Otherwise, Diffuser Film is also the right choice for industrial applications including the electron industry, machine vision system, and medical device inspection.

Product Specification

Standard Size



  • Know more types of UVPLASTIC polycarbonate films;
  • Free to polycarbonate cut to size;
  • Custom sizes are available;

Product Range

UVFPC-DI-85Light transmittance 85%, Haze 95%Velet on one or two sides
UVFPC-DI-85FLight transmittance 85%, Haze 95%, Fire rating V0Velet on one or two sides
UVFPC-DI-60Light transmittance 60%, Haze 99%Velet on one or two sides
UVFPC-DI-60FLight transmittance 60%, Haze 99%, Fire rating V0Velet on one or two sides

Physical Properties

PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
Light TransmissionASTM D1003%55±3 or 75±3
HazeASTM D1003%95±2 or 68±5
DensityISO 1183g/cm31.2
Water Absorbing CapacityASTM D570%0.3
Tensile StrengthISO 527MPa60
ElongationISO 527%>50
Tensile ModulusISO 527MPa2300
Flexural StrengthISO 178MPa85
Dielectric ConstantIEC602503
Resistant Puncture VoltageIEC 60243KV/mm30
Arc ResistivityIEC60112250
Surface ResistivityIEC 60093Ω/square1.00E+16
Volume ResistivityIEC 60093Ω-cm1.00E+17
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionISO 11359×10-5/°C5.8
Thermal ConductivityASTM D5470W/(m*K)0.2
Thermal Shrinkage (at 150°C)ASTM D1204%0.5~0.7
TgISO 11357°C152
Flame retardanceUL94 V-2 or V-0


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