Anti fog Acrylic Sheet

Product Introduction

Anti fog acrylic is coated with a permanent anti fog coating, it can prevent moisture and steam from generating on the surface even under very humid conditions.

The anti fog coating is better than the best anti fog spray because it is a permanent anti fog film on the surface, you don’t need to spray it all the time. Otherwise, anti fog coating offers excellent optical clarity, scratch resistance, impact resistance, and chemical resistance.

Therefore, the anti fog acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet are used for the most visual products, personal protective equipment, cameras, and applications.

Product Specification

Acrylic Sheets With Standard Size

Product NameModelThickness (mm)Standard Sizes (mm)Standard Sizes (ft)
Anti fog acrylic sheetUVAC-AGFrom 2 mm to 25 mm1220 x 24404 x 8


  • Contact us for custom thickness;
  • UVPLASTIC will cut to size upon the requirement of clients;
Light transmittance%>90
Tensile StrengthMpa>70
Tension Modulus of ElasticityMpa>3000
Charpy impact strength (unnotched)KJ/m^2>17
Flexural strengthMpa100 to 115
Distilled water25°C, 24 hoursPass
Methanol100 cycle rubbingPass
Sulfuric acid30% concentrationPass
Acetone Pass


  • The properties shown by the above table are typical values intended for reference and comparison purposes only.
  • They are NOT used for design specifications.
  • Motorcycle helmet, visor, and glasses;
  • Car windows;
  • Motorcycle helmet;
  • Medical face shield;
  • Ski goggles;
  • Safety glasses;
  • Snowmobile helmet;
  • Windshield;
  • Swimming goggles;
  • Helmet visors;
  • Permanent anti-fog coating with excellent optical clarity;
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistant;
  • Outstanding surface hardness;
  • Customized size and shapes;

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, the anti-fog coating layer is permanent.

They are coated with anti fog layer, but they are different. For example, anti fog polycarbonate sheet is stronger, high impact resistant, flexible than anti fog acrylic sheet.

But anti fog acrylic sheet is a better price than anti fog polycarbonate sheet, you can use it for the window.

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