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UVPLASTIC provides both standard and custom riot shields used by polices riot squads, and security officers to protect themselves from non-ballistic projectiles such as bottles and rocks, and blunt or edged weapons like baseball bats and knives during the riots. The shapes are round, rectangular, and customized shapes. The main material is the high-quality polycarbonate sheet with clear color. The LOGO can be customized.

With one-step thermoforming technology for polycarbonate, it keeps wonderful physical properties, including lightweight, shatter-resistant, high impact resistance, and beautiful appearance. By now, UVPLASTIC has more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing polycarbonate sheets and more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing riot shields. Today, UVPLASTIC has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of riot shields in China, and provide riot shield OEM service and complete riot shields to 80 clients from more than 40 countries.

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Riot Shield Specifications

Raw MaterialPolycarbonatePolycarbonatePolycarbonatePolycarbonatePolycarbonate
SizeDN 20″ – 25″ (500 – 650 mm)36″ x 20″ (900 x 500 mm)36″ x 20″ (900 x 500 mm)40″ x 20″ (1000 x 500 mm)63″ x 21″ (1600 x 550 mm)
47″ x 21″ (1200 x 550 mm)
ThicknessFrom 3 mm to 5 mmFrom 3 mm to 5 mmFrom 3 mm to 5 mmFrom 3 mm to 5 mmFrom 3 mm to 5 mm
WeightFrom 1.3 kg to 2 kgFrom 2 to 5 kgFrom 3 to 7 kgFrom 2.5 to 5 kgFrom 3.4 to 9.5 kg
Light transmittance≥80%≥80%≥80%≥80%≥80%
LOGOInk print, Customized LOGOInk print, Customized LOGOInk print, Customized LOGOInk print, Customized LOGOInk print, Customized LOGO

From Raw Material to Finished Riot Shield

Police Riot Shield with Humanization Design Principle

Thermoformed Polycarbonate Shield: Using one-step polycarbonate thermoforming technology for optical clarity and perfect shape;

  • Forearm Pad: It reduces impact and offers shock protection function;
  • Adjustable Strap: It is adjustable according to police arm;
  • Custom Logo: UVPLASTIC provide custom logo with more than 60 languages;
  • Custom Shape: UVPLASTIC manufacture polycarbonate shield according to your requirement, the size is up to 5m.


With more than 15 years of polycarbonate, UVPLASTIC was involved in manufacturing police shields from 2008. Today, we are the leading supplier in China;

  • We will use Solidworks to design polycarbonate shields, it is easy to make your the idea come true;
  • As incomparable polycarbonate fabrication technology, we can meet all requirements for riot shields;
  • UVPLASTIC has a strong production capacity and offers fast delivery;
  • We provide OEM service of Riot Shields for more than 80 clients from more than 40 countries;

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we have the requirement of MOQ for riot shields, the MOQ is 50 pcs for all models. Because the price will be very high with the logistics cost if you buy one or two riot shields. But we need a sample for quality checking, we can sell one or two to you as samples.

Normally, the leading time is 15 days, please contact our sales manager for the accurate leading time before ordering.

Yes, with more than 15 years of experience in polycarbonate, UVPLASTIC provides you with raw material, fabrication service to finished riot shield. We can provide you custom riot shields according to your drawing or design according to your requirement.

Yes, UVPLASTIC provides riot shields for global clients, therefore, we can provide custom LOGO for them, But the normal offer doesn’t include the cost of the custom LOGO.

No, UVPASTIC standard police shields aren’t bulletproof riot shields, which is used for police to protect themselves during riot control. Contact us, if you need custom riot shields.

The police shields are made of clear polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of 0.12-0.19 inches (3-5 millimeters). With the one-step thermoforming technique, we can get a high-quality riot shield. UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of riot shield in China, we can design custom riot shield for global clients.

It depends on the size, thickness, and material of the police riot shield. UVPLASTIC uses high-quality flat polycarbonate sheets, therefore, it is light-weight and shatter-resistant, the weight is from 3 kg to 6 kg.

Riot shield is made of clear polycarbonate sheet, which offers high impact resistance and good light transmittance up to 90%.

Normally, UVPLASTIC can manufacture 300 or 800 pcs riot shields one day, therefore, the leading time will be short.

Because polycarbonate sheet offers comprehensive physical properties including excellent impact resistance, lightweight, optical clarity easy to fabrication and cost-effective. Other materials like aluminum, PMMA, ABS can’t offer high impact resistance.

UVPLASTIC is a leading manufacturer of riot shields in China, we hope to provide local service for global clients, therefore, we are looking for the distributors, resellers, wholesalers in the local market, click HERE for more detail.

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