Integrated Polycarbonate Fabrication Service

With more than 15 years of experience in polycarbonate fabrication field, UVPLASTIC provides the integrated polycarbonate fabrication solution for all polycarbonate products including helmet visor, medical face shield, eye shield, police shield, car headlight, windshield, safety shield, goggle lens, skylight dome, which is used for the architecture, medical industry, aircraft, sign&display, electric industry, automation, etc.

We will provide the following fabrication methods and coating methods for the special requirements of polycarbonate products for your projects.

Designing Polycarbonate

With the help of computer-aided design (CAD), Solidworks, CATIA, and UG, UVPLASTIC engineers build a 2D and 3D model with precise size and shape of polycarbonate parts on the computer, it can reduce the designing defects at the very beginning.

UVPLASTIC has more than 30 engineers to support the clients from the design stage to the project ending stage. They can help you find the best fabrication solution for polycarbonate parts for your coming project.

Building Polycarbonate Prototype

With the assistance of computer-aided manufacture (CAM) and 3D printing technology, UVPLASTIC can build a prototype at the beginning stage of your project. It is the best method to save time and cost.

Then, UVPLASTIC will manufacture a great wooden mold to manufacture in a small quantity, for example, 200 pcs, or 500 pcs. Because wooden mold will be the best cost-effective when the quantity is under 500 pcs.

If clients need more quantity, we will manufacture an aluminum mold. Because aluminum mold offers a longer lifespan. This mold will be the right choice when the quantity is more than 500 pcs.

Cutting Polycarbonate

Whether you want to cut polycarbonate films with 0.05mm thick or polycarbonate sheets with 20mm thick, or it is a supersize polycarbonate with high precision, UVPLASTIC always finds the best cutting solution for you. UVPLASTIC offers you the right cutting methods.

Cutting Method

  • Saw cutting;
  • Leaser Cutting;
  • CNC Cutting;
  • Die-cutting;
  • Engraving/Routing;
  • Custom Cutting

cutting capabilities

ItemsMetric systemBritish system
Min. Thickness0.02mm0.001 inch
Max. Thickness25mm1 inch
Max. Length5m196 inches
Max. Width2.5m83 inches
Min. Tolerance±0.05mm±0.002 inches

Polycarbonate Coating

UVPLASTIC can do coating layer on the surface of your polycarbonate parts for some specific function and longer lifespan, including:

  • UV coating offers polycarbonate parts with excellent performance under the strong ultraviolet ray;
  • Anti-fog coating provides optimum clarity under high humidity conditions, even water for polycarbonate visual products including helmet visor, Snowmobile helmets, medical eye and face shield, goggle lens;
  • The abrasion-resistant coating offers polycarbonate parts with the hard surface, the hardness is up to 7H;
  • Anti-static coating, someone also calls it as an electrostatic-sensitive coating (ESD);
  • Nonglare coating;

Bending Polycarbonate

UVPLASTIC will provide a suitable bending solution for polycarbonate sheets, including cold bending, heat-bending, and V-groove Bending. You just tell us the requirement of polycarbonate bending, our engineer will choose the right bending method;

Max. Bending Length is 7.8m (25ft).

CNC Milling Polycarbonate

UVPLASTIC has five-axis CNC machinery, can provide the perfect milling fabrication for polycarbonate with very tight tolerance.

Edge Finishing

Edge finishing is one of the most fabrication processing, which will affect safety and appearance. UVPLASTIC offers a variety of edge options for polycarbonate parts, including

  • Saw cutting edge;
  • laser/Carver cutting edge;
  • Fire Polishing edge;
  • 30° or 45° chamfer, bevel edge;
  • Bullnose edge;
  • Round edge;

Surface Finishing

A plastic product with an appropriate surface finishing will offer an eye-catching appearance, longer lifespan, and a specific function. UVPLASTIC can offer you with buffing polishing, mechanical polishing, sanding surface, etc.

Thermoforming Polycarbonate

For polycarbonate parts with complex shapes, thermoforming fabrication will help you, we can thermoform solid polycarbonate sheet, twin wall polycarbonate sheet, thin polycarbonate sheet, embossed polycarbonate sheet, LED diffuser sheet.

UVPLASTIC can offer you vacuum forming, compression molding, oven forming for different polycarbonate products, including polycarbonate dome, police shield, plastic bubble room, Plastic kayak, lampshade, etc.

We can provide you polycarbonate thermoforming service with Max. size of 5×2.5m (16×8 ft).

Polycarbonate Injection Molding

For small size and large quantities of polycarbonate parts, UVPLASTIC will choose polycarbonate injection molding to you, including optical polycarbonate parts.

Polycarbonate Laminating Film

UVPLASTIC can offer polycarbonate laminating films, which is consist of one or two layers of PMMA and one layer of polycarbonate, but the total thickness will be from 0.125mm to 1mm.

Polycarbonate laminating film is used widely for screen and back cover applications including mobile phones.

Polycarbonate Printing

UVPLASTIC offers excellent polycarbonate printing services including silkscreen printing and ink printing.

Polycarbonate Gluing

Different applications will have different requirements for glue when you use polycarbonate as the main material for your projects. UVPLASTIC will choose the suitable glue according to the application, size, environment. Meantime, we will test it under the cruelest conditions and make sure the polycarbonate part will meed and exceed your expectations.

Custom polycarbonate Fabrication

UVPLASTIC offers clients with custom polycarbonate fabrication service, OEM service for your polycarbonate parts need. Just give us your idea, we will submit the integrated polycarbonate fabrication solution.

We also have our own polycarbonate products, such as

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