Blend Polycarbonate Film

UVTPC-BL is a code of UVPLASTIC blend polycarbonate films, which is composited polycarbonate by PC, PMMA/acrylic.

Meantime, we can provide other blend films with polycarbonate and PET, ABS, etc.

Main Benefits

  • High impact resistance;
  • Excellent printing properties;
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance and flexibility;
  • Good heat resistance, electrical and mechanical properties, dimension stability;
  • Great machinability and can be die-cut, drilled, screwed, vacuum formed, thermoformed, molded;

Product Specification

Products Range

ModelPackaged TypeWidthThickness (mm)
UVTPC-BL-A/P-45Roll/Sheet1270mm0.125, 0.175, 0.25, 0.3,
0.375, 0.5, 0.64, 0.8
UVTPC-BL-A/P-55Roll/Sheet1270mm0.64, 0.8, 1, 2


  • Polycarbonate fabrication services are available;
  • Free to polycarbonate cut to size;
  • Custom sizes are available;
PropertyValveUnitTest Method
Density1.2g/cm3ISO 1183
Haze<0.5%ASTM D570
Light Transmission>90%ASTM D1003
Tensile Strength62-66MPaASTM D638
Tensile Modulus2300MPaASTM D256
Surface tension≥34 Dyn/cm 
Anti UV380<10%  
Thermostability90°C, 1 hourNo change 
Arc Resistivity250 IEC60112
Surface resistivity1.00E+16Ω/squareASTM D257
Volume resistivity1.00E+17Ω-cmASTM D257
Pencil hardness/PMMAH1000g fJIS 5600
Pencil hardness/PC2B1000g fJIS 5600
FlammabilityHB UL94

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