Coated Polycarbonate Film (UVTPC-CO)

UVTPC-CO Coated Polycarbonate Film is the right material for the instrument plastics, which offers unique properties including light transmittance, optical clarity, non-glare, great surface hardness, infrared transmittance, scratch resistance, anti-glare and anti-fogging, etc.
Therefore, they are used for the EMC & MRI & EMI shielding Window, display screen, ski goggles, touch panel screen, medical device, and outdoor applications, etc.

Mian Benefits

  • Unique property for a specific property;
  • Good heat resistance, electrical and mechanical properties, dimension stability;
  • Great machinability and can be die-cut, drilled, screwed, vacuum formed, thermoformed, molded;

Product Specification

ModelDescriptionThickness (mm)
UVTPC-CO-ARAnti-reflection Coating, Pencil hardness H~HB,Light transmittance 93%-96%, Light reflectivity <4%;From 0.5mm to 4mm
Hardness Coating on one or two sides, Clear, Pencil hardness H~HB;From 0.3mm to 4mm
UVTPC-CO-ITInfrared ray transmittance >90%, Light transmittance <10%, Dark red, used for the infrared receiver;From 0.5mm to 4mm
UVTPC-CO-UVHardness Coating on one or two sides for exterior application;From 0.5mm to 4mm
UVTPC-CO-ACAnti-condensation coating, clear, anti-fogging function;From 0.175mm to 4mm


  • EMC Shielded Window & MRI Window;
  • EMI shielding;
  • Infrared Receiver;
  • Medical Eye glasses;

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