Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film

Product Description

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Film totally meets V-0/UL94 and VTM-0/UL94. The model is UVTPC-FL, it is no Halogen (no chlorine or bromine) flame retardant films. It can be packaged as panels and rolls.

UVPLASTIC Flame Retardant Film offers a variety of surface types including gloss/gloss, matte/gloss, velvet/gloss, velvet/matte. And the colors can be transparent, translucent, opaque. Otherwise, custom colors are available, the thicknesses are from 0.05 mm to 1 mm.

It is easily thermoformed, hydroformed, molded, die-cut, folded, and bent. It is the right material for wide applications in the auto industry, solar energy, consumer electronics, cloud data centers, telecommunications, etc.

Product Specification

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate Rool

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)FL21FL41BFL42FL42BFLH11FLH21FLH42FLH42B


  • Polycarbonate fabrication services are available;
  • Free to polycarbonate cut to size;
  • Custom sizes are available;

Product Range

ModelSurface TypeThickness (mm)V-0, VTM-0, VTM-2TransparetTranslucentOpaque/BlackRemark
UVTPC-FL21Matte / PolishedFrom 0.1 to 2No Halogen (no chlorine or bromine)
UVTPC-FL41BVelvet / PolishedFrom 0.25 to 0.76 mmNo Halogen (no chlorine or bromine)
UVTPC-FL42Velvet / MatteFrom 0.125 to 1No Halogen (no chlorine or bromine)
UVTPC-FL42BVelvet / MatteFrom 0.125 to 0.76No Halogen (no chlorine or bromine)
UVTPC-FLH11Polished / PolishedFrom 0.125 to 1
UVTPC-FLH21Matte / PolishedFrom 0.125 to 1
UVTPC-FLH41Velvet / PolishedFrom 0.25 to 0.76
UVTPC-FLH42Velvet / MatteFrom 0.25 to 0.76
UVTPC-FLH42BVelvet / MatteFrom 0.25 to 0.76

Custom surfaces are available upon request, subject to a minimum order.

Please contact the local distributor or send E-mail to info@uvplastic.com

Physical Properties

Physical PropertiesValueUnitTest Method
Density1.32g/cm3ISO 1183
Haze<0.5%ASTM D1003
Light Transmission89%ASTM D1003
Tensile Strength60MPaISO 527
Elongation<50%ISO 527
Bend Strength90MPaISO 178
Tensile Modulus2300MPaISO 178
Surface tension≥34 dyn/cmTest fluid
Dielectric Constant3IEC60250
Resistant Puncture Voltage30MV/mmIEC 60243
Surface resistivity1.00E+16Ω/squareIEC 60093
Volume resistivity1.00E+17Ω-cmIEC 60093
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion5.8×10-5/℃ISO 11359
Thermal Conductivity Rate0.2W/(m*K)ASTM D5470
Thermal Shrinkage0.5~0.7%ASTM D1204
Grade of resistant flameV-0, V-2, VTM-0, VTM-2/E249605


  • Printed circuit board insulation;
  • Backlit aircraft in-flight panels and display;
  • Computer rack partition;
  • Battery cell pack for the electrical vehicle;
  • TV insulation panel;
  • Monitor insulation panel;

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