Optical Grade Polycarbonate

Product Description

Optical Grade Polycarbonate Film offers almost zero impurity, it is manufactured in a dust-free workshop for optical clarity, therefore, it is optically clarified.

The advanced coating technologies provide particular properties, such as extremely high light transmittance (up to 96%), excellent flame retardance (V-0/UL94), outstanding weatherability, anti-fogging, anti-bacterial, infrared transmittance, etc.

It is the right material for the electroplated mirror, display screen, touch screen, ski goggles, eye shield, medical devices, automotive dashboard, and interior.

Product Specification

Dimension (Packaged as roll)

Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (m)
0.125927, 1220400
0.175927, 1220350
0.2927, 1220325
0.25927, 1220300
0.3927, 1220250
0.375927, 1220200
0.5927, 1220150

Dimension (Packaged as panel)

Thickness, mm915×1220 mm915×1830 mm1000×2000 mm1220×1830 mm1220×2440 mm


  • Know more model of UVPLASTIC polycarbonate films;
  • Free to polycarbonate cut to size;
  • Custom sizes are available;

Product Range

ItemModelSurfaceThickness (mm)ColorApplication
Optical filmUVTPC-OPPolishedFrom 0.075 to 1.5TransparentDisplay screen, ski goggles, medical device, infrared receiver

Custom surfaces are available upon request, subject to a minimum order.

Please contact the local distributor or send E-mail to info@uvplastic.com.

Physical Properties

Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
DensityISO 1183g/cm31.2
HazeASTM D1003%<0.5
Light TransmissionASTM D1003%>89
Mechanical PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
Pencil HardnessASTM D33631000gHB~H
Tensile StrengthISO 527MPa60
ElongationISO 527%>100
Bend StrengthISO 178MPa91
Tensile ModulusISO 178MPa2300
Surface tensionTest fluid dyn/cm≥34
Electrical PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
Dielectric ConstantIEC602503
Resistant Puncture VoltageIEC 60243MV/mm30
Surface resistivityIEC 60093Ω/square1.00E+16
Volume resistivityIEC 60093Ω-cm1.00E+17
Thermal PropertyTest MethodUnitValue
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionISO 11359×1/100000/℃5.8
Thermal Conductivity RateASTM D5470W/(m*K)0.2
Thermal ShrinkageASTM D1204%0.5~0.7
Grade of resistant flameE249605V0/V-2/VTM-2
Other PropertiesTest MethodUnitResult
Pencil Hardness
Abrasion Resistance0000# steel wool, with 250g/cm2 pressure, 5cm stroke   reciprocating 25 timesNo Damage
Hot Water Resistance80℃ (hot water)×10minNo Change
Moisture Resistance70℃×80%RH×48hNo Change
Heat Resistance80℃×40minNo Change
Low Temperature Resistance-30℃×10hNo Change
Cold & Heat Cycle TestFrom -30℃×6h to 23℃×3h (10 cycles)No Change
AdhesionCross-hatching test 3M tape (5times)No Detaching
Ethanol Resistance,
Weak Acid Resistance(0.5%),
Salt Water Resistance (0.5%)
Coated sample hardening layer wiped with absorbent   cotton ball fully immersed in test solution, then sealed with PE film, left   at room temperature for 24 h, rinsed with pure water, then observationNo Change


  • Architectural Lighting;
  • Display Screen;
  • Filters of the Infrared Receiver;
  • Ski Goggles;
  • Medical Face Shield;

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